Music Everyone expresses themselves in a variety of ways getting lost in their own world only to be understood by them, this lost realm in which people enter is very vague, there Isn’t much to It but the feelings and emotions brought upon by the music. Certain songs or artists/bands seem to strike very emotional ties with many people and that includes me, but idea of what music is undefined. Music doesn’t take shape or size but it essentially forms a bond with the ones listening to it.

There are many deferent genres of music I enjoy listening too, but my favorite type of music I enjoy he most Is a combination of hip hop and rap music. This Is my favorite type of music because it tells stories I can relate to, there are many different types of hip hop and rap music, and I can listen to it in whatever kind of mood I am in. Hip hop has so many different forms from spoken word, rap and R&B all of which have shaped the culture of hip hop. The term hip hop is often misconceived as many think it promotes violence and drug use, all of which do not relate to me.

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Neither of which have an influence over my life but hip hop has shaped my entire span of my music. I remember growing up listening to my older brother’s music and thinking “what Is this? ” Immediately I knew I liked it. Of course my big brother has a huge roll in my life because that’s who you look up to as a little kid. The next day I stole my brothers CD and brought It to school to show all my friends, from that experience my friends and share a common interest, and bond through music that can only be described by us.

This is where my story beings, from that memory on there I became obsessed. Always talking about new artists and songs gave me something to look award to, and it created a passion. My older brother soon realized my love for music and even though we were 4 years apart our taste was the same. Now imagine a 5th grader with the 50 cent CD “Get Rich or Die Trying” immediately the thought is this kid shouldn’t be listening to this, but it’s like everywhere we look in our society, It was Just another cool thing to do.

I wasn’t trying to be a thug or anything In that nature I Just like the way the music flowed through my ears so this genre quickly took hold on my taste. In many songs there’s a story and message, sometimes hidden a pepper meaning that I can relate to. The feeling of a certain song that sounds exactly like how you feel Is probably one of the best feelings I know. I’m not a very loud person so getting lost in my music is my perfect escape from reality, the lyrics by the artist and the beat create a vibe and sensation that feels like they know exactly how I feel.

It seems like now-a-days that everyone tries to stand out and be different, there’s nothing wrong with that It Is Just funny how people from worlds apart can 1 OFF and relationships happen to Just about everyone and for someone to actually rap bout it, tell a story about their struggle it can be an anthem to others. Some of my best memories with music are with my friends and certain songs remind us of those memories, like the first time I discovered a rap group called “A Tribe Called Quest” From that point on I guess my actual love for hip hop began.

The lyrics aren’t all too song, often I find myself listening to instrumental hip hop while doing homework it provides me with a steady vibe and helps me focus. Sometimes when I’m with some friends we just play an instrumental and see who can “freestyle” to the beat, as always it ends p being pretty funny as we attempt to rap but the melody isn’t quite there. The slow transition from the beat dropped to everyone bobbing their heads trying and trying find something to rap about creates this feeling that we all Just enjoy, it doesn’t matter if you suck or not Just do it.

Commonly popular with today’s youth, Hip Hop is seen as an outlet for their ideas, emotions and problems another way of expressing yourself. Hip Hop is colorless, a cultural movement that started in the late ass’s spanning and growing still today, there is no certain origin as it has influences from el around the world, and the culture we live in today is very different from the start and birth of hip hop. My type of rap and hip hop started in the ass’s, I like to think of myself as a child of the ass’s but I wasn’t even old enough to know who the greats of hip hop were at the time.

Hip Hop takes many shapes as sub cultures are formed within this music, different styles of rap music can be seen everywhere as it’s always been relevant, in the ass’s the actual mainstream media took notice to rappers all of which shared common themes and came from a variety of backgrounds this created he initial boom of the “generational” hip hop. Groups formed of rappers, artists and musicians alike brought together by Hip Hop, all show how this genre can range from R singing, rapping about life to skillfully making poetic Justice with a pen and a pad.

The actual form of rap is a vocal style where the artist speaks lyrically, in rhyme and verse. The dramatic change in Hip Hop is seen today as a cliche is formed when talking about rap often seen as disrespectful and degrading, but rap has evolved more than ever. Areas ranging from the original “gangs” rap owe there are artists rapping about being gay or other new topics which previously weren’t touched before show how far this music has come to be an outlet for people. All in all these entire sub dimensions make up Hip Hop today as new subcultures are being formed and new ideas introduced.

Life can get pretty hectic at times and something I can always rely on is my music to keep my cool, It lets me lose myself in my headphones and the sound of the music lets my emotions out, creating another place for my thoughts and I can Just feel free. Waking up getting ready for the day, I’m already playing music, in the car or on the ay to class guaranteed music is being played. I feel naked being in a car without music, even if it’s the radio playing its better than nothing.

One of the best parts about being addicted to music is the variety it brings, if I feel like listening to a certain song to match my mood it’s always at my fingertips. Some of the music that exactly to the issue I’m facing is helpful with me coping with a certain situation. Overall one of the greatest things about music and Hip Hop is that a certain song that can make me Just smile and think to myself all the memories brought with it. Making connections with my mind and music is vital to my everyday life.

Seemingly very unimportant to some people any song suits their mood or they probably don’t even care. On the other hand I have specific artists and songs I go to, to portray my mood through music. Almost like meditating with headphones I enter my own little world of peace, only the lyrics in control and my mind numb to have the music influence my next move. Each individual is unique and that’s what makes us, us. Whether it’s the stories, emotions, and everything in-between music has helped mold the lives of people and vote endless time to those who listen.

With the combination of Hip Hop and Rap, I found my genre that is solely unique to me, it has introduced me to new relationships and a better understanding of what music really is. Music comes from the soul, it’s not taught for someone to like a type of music but its acquired, much like drinking coffee the bitter taste isn’t pleasant the first cup but after it’s become a habit the taste is soothing Just like music. From the beginning of music of string instruments to electronic keyboards music will continue to influence people’s lives and grow as a world phenomenon.