Mine was a very Influential rapper In the sass’s to many young adults and teenagers. This mainly came about because of the harsh childhood he had and they nasty family background he had. Many people criticized Mine for his work but even through doubt he chose to keep following his dream and rapping to the kids who had Just as much as he had growing up. Many of his songs will use humor or comedy to hide the thoughts of depression he had as a kid.

As he fought through the early stages of his career, many critics said he was to violent in his wording, when ally, when those words are looked at more in depth, you will find a story of a young boy Just trying to fit In and living a below average lifestyle. Here are few examples of what the famous rapper we know today had to experience as a child/ teen. In his music Mine wrote about his unstable family background in an unusually harsh way, which gave him a unique type of publicity.

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In a society where mainly African- American rappers were predominant, Mine was considered one of the first successful Caucasian rappers of the age, because he could relate to the lower parts of society. A new type of music was up and coming in the sass’s which was rap. Graffiti, break-dancing, and harsh rhymes summarized the music of this time. Many people don’t understand the way rappers used their words and mean lines that were often offensive. But people found this as a way to express themselves (Section 4 Hip-Hop).

People with the experience of middle to low class, such as Mine, were able to relate with the other people of the lower classes who were going through struggles. Rappers used their songs to Justify the inequalities of society, as in upper and lower lass. A major political Issue was the Klux Klux Klan (ASK)_ They were terrorizing blacks, and since Mine was acquaintances with some African-American rappers this took an emotional toll on Mine. Mine was born on October 17th, 1972. He is an American rapper of Scottish-American descent that lives in there suburbs of Detroit.

As a child Mine never really had a stable home or family. He moved from place to place after his dad abandoned him, because that was all his mom could afford. As he moved from home to home he was a major victim of bullying. He was once major Injured in a bullying incident and later wrote about that incident (Mine Lab). During his childhood he really TLD have much. Part of the reason he moved house to house was because his mother couldn’t afford to maintain a steady household.

His father abandoned him and his family at a young age; he has not tried to contact his dad since. His mom took prescription drugs legally but mine claimed that his mom over-dosed on these drugs. Mine had troubles in school as a kid and therefore dropped out, but not until he met a rapper named proof and a girl named Kim who loud go on to be his future wife. Things were slow for Mine in the beginning, and he was heavily criticized for the things he was rapping. People said he sounded too much Like other rappers as well (Mine Lab).

Mine doesn’t rap Like normal rappers, he raps about personal struggles and problems he faced In his childhood and with his life as an aspiring artist. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, he 1 OFF until and older age. He had to face these challenges and move on, because if he didn’t, he would Just get bullied for being a weak person in a tough crowd. On another note, normal rappers are all about the flashy, all gold everything approaches. Mine writes about things he witnessed and went through as a child.

Drug use was his main focus in most of his songs but also he would mention his mother, growing up, and poking fun at America or celebrities (Mine Lab). In this Mine is saying that kids hear about what a famous figure or someone they take as their idol does and they want to imitate what they are doing. This is how kids grew up in lower-class suburban Detroit. In “Sing for the Moment” Mine says how kids idealize people and owe the words of songs come out to be a reflection of yourself.

He says “That’s why En sing for these kids, who don’t have a thing, except for a dream, kids who post pin- up pictures on their walls all day long idealize they favorite rappers and know all they songs” Also Mine says “Just let our spirits live on, through our lyrics that you hear n our songs”. By this he means let us be a reflection of what our lyrics are saying What Mine had a very testing life that had some ups, but they are overshadowed by the majority of downs he has faced in his career/ life. Many adversities have challenged him to be the rapper he is known to be today.