In Music Videos Music videos back In the day use to Just be fun and nonviolent. In today’s society the music videos are far from what they use to be. You have rappers who rap about the drugs that they are taking and some even use the drugs in their videos. Parents of pre-teens and teenagers who spend several hours each week listening to popular music and watching music videos may be surprised to learn that as many as one third of songs in certain genres promote the use of alcohol and drugs.

You have USIA artist like Ill Wayne, Wiz Kalmia, Snoop Dog, Future, Trinidad and many other artist who portray drugs In their music videos and in the lyrics to their music. The brands in most cases are associated with advertising that depicts a luxury lifestyle of drug use, partying, sex, and wealth. These are the only thing that rappers rap about anyways In today’s society, Ill Wayne was recently In the hospital because he mixed a cough syrup with sprite to make lean which Is not good for you and he started to have seizures which put him In a coma.

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In their videos these rappers are smoking, drinking constantly and acting a fool. Especially in Ill Wane’s music video called “No Worries” whereas he acted a complete fool as if he were on drugs plus that is all he rapped about. Just as I learned in this class that you cannot mix certain drugs together because it can have a negative side effect on you and too much of it can cause you to overdose.

But as teenagers and adults we still buy records, download music, watch videos, attend concerts, and blast our stereo speakers when our favorite songs are played on the radio because we enjoy it. But watching these videos and listening to these lyrics Influence in more ways than one to attempt the things that hose musicians are portraying in their music videos. When artist like ASAP Rocky and Ill Wayne started to rap about “lean” everybody wanted to try and everyone started to do It.

People would post pictures all over Instating happily talking about “lean” or drinking “dirty sprite”. Maybe is rappers would rap about something more positive than just weed, alcohol, sex, and other drugs than people wont get so easily influenced. A lot of famous musicians died for overdosing on some type of drug and that’s bad. But we will forever listen and admire their music. But we should never let them be the standard for how we live.