Drake vs. Justine Bibber: Who is Canada’s Current Most Influential Musician? Many decades now Canadian musicians have been dominating the music industry. From talented acts such as Rush and Cline Don, generations of people have grown up listening to the wonderful music acts from Canada. Currently, two of the biggest names in music today, Drake and Justine Bibber have been adding to our countries’ reputation for producing famous artists. Although Bibber and Drake are primarily popular with the younger generation of our country their names are recognized by almost anyone.

Both musicians perform in deferent genres but are often disputed against each other on who is the better Canadian musician. Drake both raps and sings, where as Justine Bibber primarily sings pop music. When it comes to choosing between these two talented musicians, Drake is the better musician due to being talented in both singing and rapping and does not contain the annoying fan base that Justine Bibber has. By distributing their music on the internet both Drake and Justine Bibber were able to gain acknowledgment for their musical talent.

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With both Caucasians being from Ontario the rise to fame was both similar and different between Drake and Bibber. Raised by the brief marriage of a school teacher and musician In the Toronto neighborhood of Forrest Hill, Drake’s rise to fame Initially started out as the wheel chaired teen Jimmy Brooks who endured a life of being a high school basketball star to a crippled teen on the TV show Degrades (Gatehouse). After dropping out of school at the age of 16, Drake took a focus on his music career by producing mix tapes and adding them to the Internet.

Drake eventually became ammos with his mix tape, “So Far Gone” in which he produced his first single, Best I Ever Had, which debuted at number one on the R;B charts and number two on the Billboard Hot 100. After gaining success without a label, Drake was eventually discovered by rapper Ill Wayne and added to the record label Young Money (Higgins 21). Justine Bibber, on the other hand, started with a lot less financially than Drake had. Growing up in Stratford, Ontario Bibber was raised by a single mother and became Interested In music at a young age, expressing his talent on the streets, and by uploading videos onto Youth.

Eventually, Bibber was discovered by producer Scooter Braun who helped him reach International success. By teaming up with R;B artist Usher, Bibber released his first single “One Time”, which was the starting phase of his success in the music industry (Bibber 12). Both Drake and Bibber are known for producing chart topping songs, as well as being nominated for and winning various awards from Juncos to Teen Choice Awards. Aside room dominating the charts, they also tour around the world in sold out shows as well as performing in many of the top awards in the music industry.

Starting with Drake, his legendary artist has produced two platinum albums, along with many number one singles and various awards, such as the Juncos, Teen Choice, and even a Grammar for best rap album. Bibber, on the other hand, has also produced platinum albums, number one singles, as well as winning various awards, such as the American Music the cake as he has beaten Drake in both categories. However, Drake has won a Grammar award which is the highest award you can receive in music, which puts them on somewhat of an even playing field still.

The names Drake and Bibber are recognizable around all parts of the world. Popularity wise, the fan bases between Bibber and Drake appeal to different groups of people and different musical tastes. Starting with Bibber, almost everyone in this country is probably familiarized with his “believers,” which can be defined as young teenage girls infected with the infamous “bibber fever,” screaming and crying their eyes out for their beloved Bibber. Annoying the nation and possibly even the world Briber’s, “believers” are a huge factor in his major success as a pop sensation.

Although the kid is talented and has made astounding accomplishments his fantasy s a key factor for his success. Bribers fans are also a key factor on why he is not popular with the male demographic. Drake, on the other hand contains a fantasy which consists of a non-obsessive fantasy which shows that his fame was due to hard work and not obsessive fans. His fans are primarily older teens, whereas Bribers are younger teens. A large reason for Drakes popularity is being able to produce both rap and R&B hits. According to Rebellion-Gill and Morass the problem with rap is its crude content and the violent lyrics (118).

Drake however, has en able to prove that this isn’t necessarily true as he conveys emotions and feelings through rap music. In conclusion, Drake is the better of the two musicians and possibly the greatest Canadian rapper of all time. However, choosing between these two highly skilled musicians is very hard seeing how they both are very skilled in music. Both musicians have accomplished a lot of feats in the music industry, and have kept up the musical reputation that Canada is known to have. Bibber may be the more popular artist, and may have more sales worldwide, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the better artist.

Having the experience as a rapper and singer makes Drake the better of the two because it shows that he can excel in multiple areas. Also, he has found success in both rap and R&B which is the main reason why he achieved many awards and gained reputation in the music industry. With his combination of these two genres he has shown that rap music does not always relate to gangs and violence but can be a way to express your thoughts and feelings. Although both are very talented musicians, Drake is the better artist due to being talented in both singing and raping ND does not contain the annoying fan base that Justine Bibber has.