Dates Musical theater Canadian Aubrey Drake Graham was born October 24th 1986, as mixed race and Jewish. His mother and father got divorced when he was about five years old and was raised by his mother in the Jewish community In Forest Hill. Forest Hill Collegiate Institute was the school that Graham had gone to he said, “They TLD understand what It was like to be the only African American and Jewish kid In an all-white high school.

While attending Forest Hill High School there was a class mate that’s dad was In agent In the entertainment Industry, after outlining for the part of Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian ten hit show Degrades: The Next Generation In 2001. Graham had been a part of the show for about seven years and had earned Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble in the dramatic hit TV show Degrades: The Next Generation. While still performing on the TV show Degrades Graham was trying to transform into the oral of hip-hop.

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The mistake Room for Improvement was released in 2006 that sold about 6,000 copies. In 2007 Drake released his second mistake called Comeback Season. Comeback Season that also released his first music video called Replacement Girl, Shortly after he got cut from the TV drama Degrades. Even though he was rapping he wouldn’t make a living off of it so he had to find a day job, but just In time in 2008 he received an a very unexpected phone call from the famous rap star Ill

Wayne who had asked him to get on an air plane that night to Join him on his tour and Drake agreed. The phone call in 2008 has changed Drakes life dramatically to becoming on top in the hip hop music world. After going on tour he had released his third mistake called So Far Gone on February 2009, one of my many favorite mistakes. The song best I ever had went to number 2 on billboard’s top 100 singles charts. From 2007 to about 2012 drake has had a dramatic change in the hip hop world of music.