Player International real estate developer and entrepreneur, Donald Trump, is by many, most known for sticking his last name on pretty much every property he owns, and for making the two words, “You’re Fired” famous. Trump could care less about hip hop music, but when his name started popping up in the lyrics, he couldn’t help but get involved. Hip hop artists can make a connection with him, and vice versa. The relation between the two Is the ‘businessman mentality.

Big-time entrepreneurship is solely what connects the two. It’s clear that Trump Is oblivious to hip hop’s small- fries, or even upcoming artists. He doesn’t mind serving as their hype-man, though. When Russell Simmons tells Trump his name appears In two songs, one by Method Man, the other by Para, he shows his support-?even though he’s never actually heard the songs. “We’re all waiting for your album. Let’s get going, man-?everybody waiting for this album! ” he leaves on Method’s answering machine.

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Trump also writes n Para’ album-?who he is also unfamiliar with, “l know that you’re goanna be right up there, and I hope very soon you’re goanna be in the leagues with me. So good luck, man. And do good! ” Trump has no problem hanging with someone like Puff Daddy, who is already “up there”. Puff started as a businessman early on, with his clothing line Sean Jean and cologne, to now owning part of Cirri liquor. One night, he showed up to Puffs birthday bash to mingle with hip hop superstars Jay Z, Missy Elliot, Busts Rhymes and even boxer Muhammad All. L think these hip hop guys are smart, and they’re fun”, he says. Trumps daughter mentions how shocked she was, when, as they were getting ready for the Grammas, the phone rings, and her dad answered with, “You, Puff, what’s up? ” She also remarks on how weird it was to walk into her dad’s booth at the U. S. Open to see Puff Daddy sitting there with her father. What she didn’t realize was that, her father wasn’t concerned with Puff being a hip hop artist, but that he liked Puff for Ewing at the top of his game.

Hip hop artists-?big and small-?felt some connection to Trump. They liked his ‘I’m the sit, buck you’ attitude. They could also relate to the ways in which they are all self-promoters. When talk about Amoeba arises, a popular NYC restaurant, Trump remarks, ‘You know I own that, right? ‘ He finishes by saying, “l own the Empire State Building too, did you know that? During his rise In the ASS, after excessive jumped right back. Bandmaster Flex states that, a lot of people in the music business artists like, Masses and Mine.

Trump chooses to involve himself with the big time entrepreneurs of hip hop, not because of the music, but because they are, as he says “great businessmen”. He goes on to say, “They have a real sense of where the market’s going, they have a sense of the future-?and that’s the ultimate businessperson. ” Trump enjoys the presence of these hip hop entrepreneurs, Just as much as they do. What brings them all together is certainly that fundamental ‘businessman mentality they all share.