He has global experience and expertise in its success as an entrepreneur, and he is very popular around the world as a Hip Hop artist. A- CEO of Defy Jam Recordings and Rock-A-Fell Records. He co-owns The a-The New York Times announced that Jay-Z is on the verge of a partnership with Live Nation for $1 50 million -? among the most expensive contracts ever awarded to a musician C-He owns his own record label, clothing line and movie production almost half billion dollars a year in sales. Armada company – generating Vodka.

D- First hip Hop artist to signed a $1 million shoe line with Rebook. E- His works which include many records, articles, movies are best sellers nationwide. F- He is recognize in the United States, and around the world, as the best hip-hop lyrics alive. Transitional Statement: Now, that I have talked about the speaker’s expertise, let’s now talk about the topic our guest speaker will discuss. 3-What topic will he discuss? You are in a treat for some interesting topics, Our speaker’s topic is “How smartly oh can increase your wealth”.

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A-The topic is one that the speaker specialty. B- Business matters of the choices he made. He will provide a lot of scenarios. Transitional Statement: Now, that we have covered our speaker’s topic , let me tell you what makes this topic important. 4-(what event or occasion will soon make this topic important) Next month, he ISO planning on owning a major European soccer team. A- That soccer team is a well known sport team in Europe. A-There will be some update about that soccer team in the tournament.