The Effects of Rap Music on Teens Rap music has been around since the early sass’s. It became popular rapidly, and expanded to deferent parts of the world. From its beginning, the rap culture has not been well liked, but the people who do listen to it get hooked on it quickly. For example, teenagers are huge fans of rap music. Although rap music Is so popular, It is becoming an Issue In society. It has had a negative effect on teens that the general public does not like.

Rappers express themselves with their lyrics, which is how they ring their message across to their listeners. Teenagers try living by the lyrics of their favorite rap song. These teens do not realize that the messages sent to them are poisoning their minds. Most rappers do not live by their lyrics, but that is what most teens do not know. The negativity that rap music creates affects teenagers in a way that will change their attitude and personality by Introducing them to a negative atmosphere. Rap music may have an impact on teens that can drive them towards a criminal lifestyle.

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Rap music nowadays exposes many societal problems that teens an relate to. Flavor Fall, a famous legendary rapper once said, “l remember rap music. We used to party and dance off of it. Today it’s all about a whole different angle… Rappers are going against each other, and It’s more of a bragging, boasting thing. ” Meek Mill, a rapper from Philadelphia, has become well-known In every part of the united States. He has recently released his new mix tape, “Dream Chasers 3” which has become a popular hit. One of Meek Mill’s famed songs from his new mix tape is “Ooh Kill Me” which is a mockery towards another rapper, Kindlier Lamar.

In his song, Meek Mill says, “You buck around with me, get smoked like a hookah. ” The line is using the smoke people would puff with a hookah to use the term “smoked” as getting shot, and most likely killed. Teens listen to those types of lyrics, and think that It Is an acceptable way of dealing with people they do not get along with. Raps Like these are what most teenagers are exposed to. Many teenagers consider Meek Mill an “influential figure”. Teens are exposed to his songs, and will eventually end up following in his footsteps.

Violence, a major focus presented in rap music, affects eons by giving them the idea that what rappers say in their songs is something to look up to. All rappers want to be better than others, and they try to do that by setting an Image of them that will make teenagers think that they can be Just Like them. Lyrics that talk about guns and murders help teenagers to think that killing someone is acceptable. This has become a problem because more teenagers are going to Jail for violent crimes. One of Meek Mill’s song states, “Cause if I was worried about something, all you’ll insignias getting murdered about something, straight up. That line is to let people know that if he had someone who he thought is better than him, he would get them murdered. Teenagers who listen to those types of lyrics will eventually think the same and act upon those words. Furthermore, Rappers use of this kind may influence a teenager’s mind to say the type of things that the songs message is sending. For example, most songs use the words “Amiga”, and “bitchy” continuously. Therefore, the person listening to the song may think it is normal to refer to their male friends as “Amiga”, and to their female friends as “bitchy”.

It is circumspectly to call others those words, but in a teenager’s mind, that type of name calling is common. Rap music shapes our society’s language, which affects how teenagers communicate with each other creating disrespect with words that mean much more too person. Moreover, The rap culture has implemented a type of attitude that makes teenagers think that males are superior to women. An example to this is “Anti No Fun”, a rap song written by Snoop Dog, a famous rapper who began his rapping career in the early sass’s. This song makes male listeners feel that women are unimportant.

It also makes teenagers think that the rapper is superior to women, and that he can have all the women he wants. “Anti No Fun” says things like, “l know the pussy’s mine, so I’m going to buck a couple more times, and then I’m through with it. There’s nothing else to do with it, pass it to the homey, now you hit it, cause she anti nothing but a bitchy to me, and you know the bitched anti sit to me… You’ll never be my only one, trick ass bitchy. ” The underlying messages represent acts of perception which may lead teens to act carelessly towards women.

In this ass, these rap lyrics affect male teenagers the most because the lyrics allow them to grow up thinking that females are trashy and worthless. This is a problem because it encourages disrespect and foul language. On the other hand, almost all of the songs that are popular nowadays reference drugs and alcohol. Rappers think that the only way to sell their records is by promoting negative values. The majority of songs dedicate their minutes to getting high and drunk. A rap song with lyrics about drugs and alcohol influences a teenager to try those things.

Teenagers should not be ringing and smoking, especially not because the songs they listen to are telling them to do so. Teens that are exposed to drugs and alcohol at a young age are most likely to go to Jail and to commit dangerous offenses. In addition, today’s teenagers are tomorrows future. Today’s generation is going to be depended on in the upcoming years to take over important Jobs and professions. Modern rap is interfering with the way that teens are supposed to act. Physically, all rappers look the same. They use saggy clothes, have tattoos, piercing, and braids.

Teenagers think that it is cool to pop from the physical appearance of rappers, but if they use rappers as a model of what they should look like, people will never take them seriously. Teenagers occasionally do not think twice about the way they present themselves physically, which may allow them to never find a good Job in the future. Also, way rappers write their lyrics is also becoming an issue. The way lyrics are written is improper. A large amount of rap uses words that are not existent. Rappers tend to misspell and change words. For example, instead of spelling “trying”, they spell, and pronounce the word s “trans”.

This might confuse a teenager with how to write and speak. It will make it difficult for teenagers to write and speak because they will start expressing themselves the way their favorite rapper does. This is a problem because teenagers who are exposed to those types of lyrics would start spelling and speaking incorrectly which will make peers, teachers, or even parents not take them seriously. In the fans, rappers, producers, and intellectuals defend rap’s violence, both real and imagined, and its misogyny as a revolutionary cry of frustration from disemboweled youth.

The rap culture has influenced teens to change the way they think and act. Years ago when rap became popular, rap was a way for people to speak freely about social and personal issues. By doing so, rappers engaged people, to become concerned and aware of these issues. Today, the rap culture has changed completely. Rap has become a part of most ten’s everyday lives, and they grow up thinking that life is based on the bad influence brought on by rap lyrics. The rap culture is still growing and it is becoming more popular than ever. More teenagers are getting exposed to this genre of music.