Susan Culture wars; there have always been a variety of music to listen to such as Country, Pop, Latin, HIP Hop and Rap. The meaning of culture wars to me Is people who dislike a certain genre for instance rap music. Some people are against rap music because of the controversial meaning that songs have. In this paper you will be reading on an interview for Fox 11 news with Reilly interviewing rap icon Cameron and CEO producer Damon Dash.

Principal Slalom Thomas-EL asked a couple of questions stating that gangster music is a terrorizing impact on his students, On my opinion you can never tell a rapper they have a negative effect on the youth. It’s their work and their art and what they do as a musician. For example when you hear the stories of kids shooting up a school, was it the rap music they listen to? No, it is the parent’s responsibility to moderate what their kids listen to, it’s wrong for people to blame rappers for the actions that people make. Reilly interviewed rap icon Cameron and CEO producer Damon Dash.

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During this interview there was also a ironical from an elementary school who had questions for the rap stars. The principal complained that the kids at his school look up to the rap star and he thinks Cameron Is showing a bad example. He confronted Cameron asking him why his music is so negative when there are little kids listening to his music. Cameron replied that his music is Just what he see’s and what he goes through as a person. He feels if people have a problem with their kids listening to his music, their parents or whoever they are living with should be monitoring them and not letting them sites to It.

During the Interview the principal stated that most of the kids don’t have parents that can monitor them because there Is no one there. Cameron stated that as a Ill which I agree on, there Is someone taking care of the kids and sending them to school for example parent conferences, even if it’s not that birth family it may be their aunt or friend but they can still monitor what they listen to. The argument on Fox news is trying to state that Rap music has a very appalling impact on young kids listening to it.

On that note I would have to disagree, when papers rap they are telling their own story, expressing what they feel, the experiences they have had, and most importantly they speak on where they have came from. For instance a movie that children watch: movies and music are the same concept it’s a story but instead of just listening to it, there are people acting. When people say that rap music is such a negative Impact on kids they should look at both sides of the story. People state that rappers are bad people, that they are thugs.