“Redeeming the Rap Music Experience” The Influence of rap on black urban youths has become a major part to the modern day music Industry. Berry uses the article to show that through rap music, low Income black youth are able to develop empowering values and Ideologies, strengthen cultural Interaction and establish positive Identities. This Is done by describing different components of urban black culture associated with rap which enhances the struggle for black significance in pop culture.

His beliefs are supported by using rap artists and their music to show how significant it has grown to be a nominate form of expression but also a controversial issue for urban black youths. The thesis that rap music as cultural expression is supported in a way that shows that this is how we are informed about the lifestyle and problems taking place in black neighborhoods. Sex, violence, and racism are controversial issues within the article also supports Berry’s argument. Berry describes how music is conveyed as a way for rappers to connect with their audience by providing the history of how this form of expression came about.

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Explaining how Blues was formed by slaves who added some type of way to tell their story defines It as a style of which the audience their aiming for Identifies with their life. Walton for example defines the blues as a composition grounded in individual experience and one with which the audience tends to identify. Jazz is also used a form of expressing one’s feelings or thoughts. Soul music in the past was presented as rebellious, prideful, and powerful due to the status of urban black youths.

In today’s society it is viewed as distinct experiences because of the slang, aggressive delivery and lyrical storyline in the music. Berry implies that the urban environment is important to the rap music culture. Michael Tyson suggests that our society has trouble accepting rap music because it cannibalizes Issues such as racism, sexism, classicism, and violence. This supports Tyson theory that contaminating rap’s expression of urban realities can create and reproduce the Issues such as racism, violence, and sexism.

The readily Identifiable racial, cultural, economic, and political concerns portrayed In the music unites listeners into a common group supports the belief that musical forms are based on Ruth and reality. At the same time, Steersman provides another reality that rap music in popular culture to its commercial success in the mass media has renewed artistic development and investments. Popular culture is made by a variety of people and interests, but minister to interests of the more dominate.

Berry states that there is always one part of popular culture that is outside social control and then goes on to say that there are several factors that spur rap’s position with American pop culture, such as cultural, economic, and social standards. Authors like Hillary and Gladden suggest that because of the negative treatment from those outside of their economic status, urban youth feel as If they have a lack of motivation to do better because they embrace their powerlessness because of their nonconforming attitudes and unconventional behavior.

All these factors begin to develop the Identity of urban struggle for black identity because it is a product of the black urban community suggest that youths are given an identity before it may actually be their reality. He goes on to say that youth movement is evident in popular culture so therefore their identity has already been misconstrued by racism, prejudice, discrimination and economic and educational stagnation through the rap music. This in return gives rap a negative image despite its purpose to inform its audiences of the lifestyle and experiences of the urban community.

Its vulgar and provocative content contribute to the negative feedback it receives instead of realizing that’s the style of expression associated with rap music. Sexually explicit lyrics in songs written by artist such as the 2 Live Crew provides a negative reflection of the urban community because it is purposefully done for humor. Berry says that there are good types of rap and bad types by showing that few rappers actually use sexually obscure lyrics and sexist towards women.

Good rap would be considered songs by artist such as Queen Latish, Salt N’ EPA, You You, and MAC Late are working to dismiss the men rapper’s images of women through their own performance style and lyrics. Violence is another factor because it is associated with black urban youths where rap music is always the common denominator for in the communities. Berry gives the idea that a major part of rap music is a reality in these neighborhoods by using NNW, a. . A. Insignias with Attitude that consists of five rappers from L.

A. Who rap about gang banging, drive by shootings, and police confrontations. The lead singer of the group argued that their lyrics aim to show the “raw reality of life” instead of making it people’s reality. Williams argues that rap music does not represent the beliefs and ethics of black communities but only because people overlook the positive efforts made by rappers and focus on the negative aspects. Berry demonstrate how the supremacy of white and black power are prominent through focusing on how

Parallels beliefs that rap Just shows the lack of education, and the frustration of the ghetto, and how hating rap can be linked to fearing young black men who are the stars of rap . Ice Cube the lead rapper of NNW is one rapper who is seen as racist due to his controversial album where he was expressed anger against Koreans and his Jewish manager. He stated that he only acts angry because he demands respect. POP cultural rap is very blunt, direct and outspoken, that those who don’t know what it’s or have negative views about the messages conveyed easily become misconstrued r frightened.

It’s all about perspective. Berry’s argument shows realistic problems within the black American Society because of its powerful influence on blacks and reality of situations that the society can relate to. Berry believes that rap music should be viewed as an artistic expression and cultural projection and that it is necessary because it includes the acceptance of rebellious identity and beliefs for the listeners of such music and allows deprived black youth with the chance to hold strong values and establish positive identities in the world.