However a definition that is common across all platforms for pink champagne is that of the said meaning. Year: 1959 Artist: Lloyd Price Song Title: Stagger Lee the song, it is established that Stagger Lee is a gambler who loses his belongings to Billy. After which, he heads home to retrieve a pistol to “pay that debt that [he] owe[s]”. The line after that even encourages him. Go stagger lee”, it reads. Billy then proceeds to plead for his life at gunpoint, using his three little children and sickly wife as reasons.

Stagger Lee simply shoots Billy in reply, shooting so hard that “the bullet came through Billy and it broke the bartender’s glass”. Although the song does not seem to contain sexual references, the general theme of the song is that of crude, unwarranted violence. Year: 1960 Artist: Brook Benton Song Title: Kiddo In this song, the language and tone used in the lyrics are generally of a feel-good’ nature, atypical of the most popular music in that era. However, despite the mild tone f the lyrics in general, sexual overtones can still be spotted in the line “make me feel good, kiddo”.

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This line is seen in every stanza up till the last, when the sexual referencing is particularly obvious, “make me feel so-uh-oh Oh good, so, so good, kiddo”, where the lyrics mimic moaning and groaning. Year: 1979 Artist: Chic Song Title: Good Times The phrase “good times”, used 18 times in the entire song shows a sense of unbridled fun, that the girls Just want to have their fun and that the boys should Just “leave their cares behind”. “How ’bout a quarter to ten / Come tomorrow / Let’s all do t again” has a suggestive connotation to it – implying the flirty nature of girls, another stereotype of some girls.

It also carries with it an image of “Boys will be boys / Better let them have their toys / Girls will be girls / Cute pony tails and curls” alludes to the stereotypical nature music can sometimes have of gender, that boys will have their toys and girls will be the pretty and vain ones, who will preen and look charming. “Cut a rug” in the song suggests dancing wildly and the stanza containing that phrase suggest mild tempting of the men (this song is sung by a female duo), with nines like “it’s getting late” and Just can’t wait” implying a sense of anticipation of what is to come, which turns out to “cutting a rug”.

As such, we feel this song, has mild nuances of gender stereotyping, thanks to the use of suggestive phrases, which made it sound not so much about true love, but ore of a flirtatious type of love. Artist: Junior Walker Song Title: What Does it Take (to Win Your Love) This song is relatively mild in its romance/sexual inferences. However, it speaks of wanting to woo somebody seriously, suggesting, “what does it take to win your love”. And it also shows love in its undying, persistent form, when the singer sings about trying every method he can to make his partner see how much he loves her.

The use of a saxophone at its break implies sensuality, not overt sexuality. “Blowing the saxophone again” also implies wanting to try yet again to either win over the love of his life or trying to show her how much he loves her. It is a connotation of trying again and again, as the use of the saxophone is played over and over again in the bridge and towards the end. Thus, this song does not speak much of sexual or gender stereotyping, but more of mating to find true love and yearning to be loved. Ear: 1980 Artist: Carmine Jackson Song Title: Let’s Get Serious The main concept in this song is all about “love” and throughout the entire song, “love” remains as the main emphasis with little or no diversion towards all things explicit and such is the case for a song like this because most songs today tend to infuse “love” with sexual leanings. The case in “Let’s Get Serious” is precisely that, it encourages both parties to be committed to each other and “get serious”, if what fills their mind all the time are thoughts of the other party.

Preoccupied is thus the keyword here. This can be seen in its lyrics with phrases like “In my mind you have taken up permanent space, I am feeling what I can’t explain”. What explains the emphasis are lines in the following stanza which highlights the intensity of one’s yearning for the other. Close my eyes and I see your face at night Toss and turn, fall to sleep Holding my pillow tight All the time I think of you You’re with me no matter what I do year: 1989 Artist: Karen White The song in question here is a timeless classic that has an appeal to most women in general.

In fact, its main target group is that of “home-makers” as they are the ones that can truly identify with the circumstances put forth in the song. Moreover, the song must have serve as an avenue for those who had frustrations to vent, especially in a period where submission was thought to be the norm, unlike today, where there is social acceptance of “girl-power”, equal rights and being opinionated. Aside from that, the song hinges strongly on an emotional aspect as well, it is a woman’s plead to be accepted and loved by the man, who had once been madly in love with her.

It is typical of most married couples where differences between reroutes and married life becomes very blatant for gone are the initial sparks that ignited the romance. The song too summarizes all the feelings of neglect, hurt, loneliness, rejection, as well as being unappreciated and to cope with it, the protagonist in the song puts on a brave front to cope with it all, but only to later admit that she is no “superwoman” and there is no way for her to single-handedly cope with it, if there is no love her loved ones. Ear: 1990 Artist: En Vogue Song Title: Hold On This song tells of a woman’s reliance on a guy and how only he can satisfy all her needs. However, the list is never ending and there is no way for him to satisfy all of her needs. This song seems to encourage despondency from a line that goes like: But since, since you went away Don’t you know I sit around With my head hanging down It then goes on an abrupt turn and acknowledges that relationships are no different from games and that the only way of keeping score is through “satisfying love making” which in turn, promotes another set of values to listeners.

It emphasizes on this aspect by noting that the only way to “keep your man” is to “give him the love that satisfies him”. Note: All three songs are similar in nature as they all deal with the theme of love and started with something that was somewhat wholesome before slowly evolving to sounding melancholic and then to being downright explicit. Year: 1970 Artist: The Jackson 5 Song Title:I’ll Be There This song is about waiting for the one you love and really cherish.

It’s about loving someone with all the mind and heart, as can be seen by “unselfish love” And it speaks of the protagonist hoping and wishing that his/her partner would be together as one, whatever the difficulty. Apteral, the word “togetherness” is recurring in the Eng itself. The first stanza – Mimi and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back Where there is love, I’ll be there” – talks about love and finding it. “I’ll be there” suggest waiting and anticipating for the true love to be back. The second stanza – “I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do Just call my name and Ill be there. – talks about having trust in love, signifying that mutual trust is an important aspect of love. Also, it speaks of comparison of love, that the protagonist “loves better” than any other man the woman is bound to meet. It shows comparative love, something some en do in order to prove that he is the one that loves the most. Year: 1999 Artist: Maxwell Song Title: Fortunate According to billboard. Com, the chart topper for the year of 1999 was “Fortunate” by Maxwell. “Fortunate”, which was written by R.

Kelly, expresses a man’s desire for a sincere, real and monogamist relationship filled with true love instead of promiscuity. The opening stanza of the song states “Never had tasty lips to kiss; Never had someone to miss; Never heard a song quite like this”. From these three lines, I can infer that, love changes how a simple kiss feels or how missing someone feels so such so that the protagonist writes a song to express his feelings for a certain lady. The chorus goes ” Fortunate to have you girl; I’m so glad you’re in my world; Just as sure as the sky is blue; I bless the day that I found you. As the chorus is repeated ten times throughout the song, the protagonist cannot stop echoing how much “love” he feels for this particular girl. He actually counts himself “fortunate” to be with the woman and even treasures the day that he got to know her. By using the sky being know her. As the song evolves, back-up vocals contain the lines “I’m so ecstatic baby’, “Its all bout you”, “She’s my girl.. My world.. My girl”, “And I’m so mighty mighty proud of it” and “l want show you off. ” The intensity of the lyrics proves how much the protagonist is in love with his girlfriend and how important she is to him.

He is not ashamed of being in love or being with her, instead he feels honored to be with such a wonderful girl he even calls her “(my) world” and proclaims how “proud” he is to be in a proper loving relationship with her. The last stanza contains lyrics that goes “I’m calling out to your body; Baby you know just what to do; Close the door to no interlude”. Even such a song filled with lyrics with love, seems to promote sexual desires. The protagonist is in love with his girlfriend; but yet, he still yearns for her “body’ and the act of “closing the door” paints a very suggestive picture. Ear: 2000 Artist: Jagged Edge Song Title: Let’s Get Married Let’s Get Married is a slow love ballad, which was performed by Jagged Edge, is about a particular man’s deep intention to get married to his girlfriend. The protagonist seems to have the ideology that marriage would be the next step they (he and his girlfriend) should take in the relationship as they have been together or “years” (the line: “Then I think about, all the years we put in this relationship. ) However, the protagonist seems to want to get married in a hurry as he “can’t stand the thought of losing” his girlfriend.

The chorus states “Meet me at the altar in your white dress; We anti getting no younger we might as well do it; been feeling you all the while girl and I must confess, Lets get married. ” The chorus seems to infer that the protagonist wants to get married as soon as possible as he feels that time is catching up on them; and they “might as well” get married. This easy going nature on such a serious topic as Marriage seems o be very haphazard with very little thought going into the planning to make it an occasion to remember.

The third stanza has the lyrics “Cause making love to Just anyone anti happening’; I just goat be with you. ” This contains sexual intentions, but one of a monogamist nature filled with love and commitment. The stanza also states “And did you think about, maybe us having some babies” this shows that the protagonist is serious about making the marriage work; and even having a future and the possibly of a family together. Officially and legally be with the woman he loves, till death do they part.