Even though rap music is considered violent, there are some rap songs that delivers positive messages and then you have some R&B songs that are Just as violent and raunchy as some Rap songs. Rap and R&B music are both enjoyable; however, both genres of music have a lot of differences. The word “Rap” came from a slang word meaning conversation. Rap music tends to attract a more tough and rowdy crowd. It Is often categorized as violent music and has been known to be protested against.

One of the reasons that some people think that Rap music is considered violent is because of the lyrics and the videos. Some of the lyrics in rap music talk about killing, robbing, shooting, stealing, sex and drugs. A group name N. W. A. With Attitude) made a song called Dad Police” in the ass’s. The song caused a lot of uproar from not only the police but parents and fellow congressman as well. The Rap music videos often have a lot of half naked women dancing and gyrating in skimpy outfits.

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Sometimes you will see sexual references In these videos that can e considered “soft porn. ” Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, was In fact taken to court because certain people thought that his videos and lyrics were too sexual and that he should be banned from putting out any more music. The end result of that was a Parental Advisory sticker being slapped on all cad’s that has either violent or sexual lyrics or CD covers. Rap music has also been claimed by most critics that rap causes sexist beliefs.

I guess the reason being is because of the way the women are portrayed in these videos. Some of them are called “Video Who’s”, “Groupies,” and now “Video Vixens. ” The letters stands for “Rhythm and Blues. ” music tends to attract a mellower, chill crowd and is put into a category called “baby making” music. R&B music has never been protested against and does not contain violent lyrics or videos. While rap music has a more a hard bass sound, R&B music has a more mid-tempo slow beat with a lot of wind Instruments. Some R&B songs talk about being heartbroken and In love.

The reason most songs are put into a category called “baby making” music is cause of the very slow sensual sexual beats that the songs have. There are certain songs that set a romantic mood for lovers or significant others. Certain groups or singers like The Sisley Brothers and Barry White are known for having that very slow and sensual groove. In my opinion I do believe that R&B songs are more sexual than Rap. You have titles of songs called: Sex Me, 12 play, T-shirt and Panties, and Let’s Ride, Just to name a few.

The lyrics in these songs may not be violent but they re definitely very sexual and raunchy. While R&B music has never been protested against, there have been some Issues back In the late ass’s early ass’s with some of the dance moves and lyrics to songs. A song called the “Huckleberry” dance moves were considered very racy. Recently there has been an Issue with a song called “Sponsor” by R&B artist Telegram Marie. Even though the lyrics are nowhere near sexual explicit as most songs, her lyrics are money. Some see this as an issue because young women who look up to Terra

Marie may think that it is okay to depend on a man to buy them things and to give them money; when they can Just work and make their own money. I enjoy listening to both genres of music. The stuff they say about rap is not all true. I am not a violent person and I enjoy Rap Just as much as I enjoy R&B music. I do prefer to listen to R&B over rap simply because I like the beats better. Even though the two attract different audiences, they both have one purpose and that is to entertain their fans and give them what they ask for.