Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts, which was his most famous song so far. The reason why I picked KID Cud is because I can relate to most of his music. I Like his smooth and mellow words and rhymes. I prefer his music over the other artists out there because I am not a fan of the upbeat hip-hop. With his type of music I can relax, close my eyes and listen. KID Cud’s music Is Influenced by many different genres.

For Instance as a kid growing up he listened to Pink Floyd and also some mall alternative hip hop bands such as The Pharmacy and A Tribe called Quest. I’m a KID Cud fan because I like his laid back and mellow music. He is known to write psychedelic music and advertise the use of illegal substances through most of his songs. His music is soothing to me and nice to relax to. Pursuit of happiness music video http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=7xzU9Qqdqww Sources: http://www. Artifacts. Com/detail. PH? Old=1855 http://en. Walked. Org/will/SLD_Cud

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