Essentially, a comic book Is a graphic, animated, colorful booklet, which could be black and white as well, and It also tells a story. (“Types of Comic Books). As crazy as It may seem, music videos also have the same characteristics. If you think about It, music videos can be very graphic, animated, colorful or black and white, and they tell a story also. Music videos can be divided Into three major genres according to the mood, style, and the fanzines, which usually refer to- essentially if you break it down- fans. (“Types of Comic Books). The most known type of music videos is hip-hop videos.

Hip-hop videos are the most popular simply because they are looked down upon the worst, or the most talked about. The mood of a hip-hop video can either make someone hype or put them on chill mode. For example, when Wiz Kalmia came out with the music video “Black and Yellow’ it made people from down south hype because we knew he was talking about our home football team The Saints. An example of hip-hop music that puts you on chill mode would be something like Drake and Ill Wane’s song called “Brand New”. It’s something you can Jam while smoking, riving, or simply thinking.

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It Just really brings you too new level of thought. The style of hip-hop music videos Is quite different from any other types of music videos. They Involve a lot of big flashy Jewelry, girls with big butts In tight skimpy outfits, a lot of cursing, and also pimped out cars. As for the fans of hip-hop music videos, the ages and races vary but, a vast majority of them are young African American males. Most likely this is because most of the people seen rapping in hip-hop music videos are young African American males. The second type of music videos is rhythm & blues videos.

These videos are usually about sex, love, or pain. So typically one can feel many different emotions from an r & b music video, it just all depends on what it’s about. For example the music video “Love” sung by Geisha Cole gives Off feeling of wanting to be loved or the Joy one feels when they are In love. The music video “Invented Sex” sung by Trey Songs is clearly about sex so however sex makes you feel, that’s how you would feel about this video. Then there’s the song “Please Don’t Go” by Tank which exerts the pain of losing a loved one. R & b music videos, as you can see, can exert many different moods.

The style of r & b is for the most part very smooth, sensual, and soulful. It gives people a piece of mind. Rhythm and blues styles have changed a lot over the years but it continues to be the most popular songs at weddings. As for r & b videos, they usually involve only two people, a man and a woman. Most of the time in r & b videos the two people involved are having a wedding, fighting, or making love. Most r & b fans are older married couples who know what real love and hurt is all about. The true fans understand what the singer is trying to portray in the video, probably because it looks similar to a situation they eave been In before.

The last type of music video is gospel videos. Everyone should agree that there Is something about gospel music videos that Just makes you get up and dance or Just cry out to God. The mood of gospel music videos Is very dynamic. They can be sad, as If you know you’ve done something wrong and you Just want to cry out to God and apologize for it, or they can make you really happy and excited praise God for all that he’s done in your life. Not only can gospel music videos change your mood but they can also change your life if you really pay attention to them.

For example, the song “Never Would Have Made It” by Marvin Sapp brought a lot of unsaved souls in the church to get saved. Seeing that music video Just makes you want to become fully devoted to God. It also exerts a sad feeling to those who know they are doing wrong. As for the music video “l Smile” by Kirk Franklin, it brings one a feeling of Joy that God has watched over you and kept you in his hands all your life. This song is actually so powerful that it is being played on radio stations that are actually only meant for hip-hop and r & b songs.

So you know there is something rueful in this music video. The style of gospel music is very real. By that I mean it is not a game. When people sing gospel music, they feel something. Their song comes from the heart, which is why gospel music touches so many souls. The style of gospel music is also very dynamic. The singers range from women to men all the way down to children. They even have gospel rappers nowadays. As for the actual videos, the setting is usually in a church or outside. The upbeat songs include dancing in the videos and the slow songs usually Just follow the story line.

Fans of gospel music ideas usually include Christians who are involved in the church. It mostly includes African American Christians, simply because most, not all, gospel music and music videos are made by African Americans. Both comic books and music videos must come to an end at some point, and at this point this paper is coming to an end also. Do remember that music videos can be broken down into three genres according to mood, style, and fanzines. Those three genres are hip-hop, r & b, and gospel. They all are alike by them all being music and they all have mostly African American fans.

Each genre has its own unique style but the emotional outcomes of these different genres of music videos are quite different. Hip-hop exerts mostly anger, excitement, and pits you on a chill mode. R & b exerts a feeling of love, rather you want to be loved or you love someone else. It also exerts pain, like when your loved ones hurt you. Finally, gospel exerts a feeling of Joy and sorrow also. You feel Joy that God is in your life and sorrow when you know you have disappointed him. Either way, all three of these different types of genres have similarities and differences, but they are all still a part of the music video industry.