There are a few similarities and differences between Christian rap and Mainstream rap, which are: lyrics, lifestyle, and beliefs. First off, knowing what Christian rap and Mainstream rap will help better understand these similarities and differences. To put It In a big nutshell, Christian rap heavily Influences Christianity and talks about Jesus. Mainstream rap Is rapping with no religion usually Involved. They don’t talk In depth about Christ, rather about other topics, everything but Jesus. These two kinds of rap have a similar thing in common: lyrics.

That is pointing out the obvious, right? Not exactly, both do in fact use similar techniques. Similes, analogies, stories are used to express the song. One technique is using an R;B singer to sing the hook then a person to rap the verse. They both still involve having the feature of another artist. They both have the same pattern. Hook, verse, hook, verse, or sometimes in another order, and also some may have a melody in it. To sum it up, they both have the same lyrical flow. There’s a difference In their lyrics, or are they the same? Christian and

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Mainstream rap does Indeed have a difference In lyrical content. Even though they contain similes, analogies, and some form of poetry, they have a difference. A major element Is the use of their language. Mainstream uses very frequent and profuse language, while Christian you don’t hear ANY curse words. Christian rap heavily influences the elements of Christianity, and is mainly about Christ or by a Christian viewpoint. The opposite is with Mainstream. They usually take pride in themselves, talk about drugs, women, sex, and money and power all in itself.

An example was a eagling that was influenced called, “CREAM”, which is Cash Rules Everything Around Me. The opposite is with a certain Christian music society, called “GUM” a. K. A. “God Over Money. ” You can see the difference is with their stand on the topic of money, which are COMPLETE OPPOSITES. Most all of the topics with have the opposite of effect with the lyrical content. Another example is women and or sex. Mainstream rap will teach you to sleep with a ton of women, more women the better. Christian rap would disown that and rap that you should avoid sex until marriage.

Involving none, Mainstream Is the more money the better, and with Christian rap It’s you should be grateful with the money you have, chase God not money. Genre of rap: lifestyle. Somewhere in the lives of these rappers they live out what they rap about, and this shows their lifestyle. Both kinds of rap does indeed have a similarity. It’s the dangling chains, the rims sitting on ass, the baggy clothing, and the nice G’s, or the elaborate amount of tattoos. This could be stereotypical, but I bet you take one rapper out of the crowd and they’ll be wearing one of the descriptions listed above.

Here comes the difference in the lifestyles. Mainstream rap will tend to practice what they preach. You’ll always see them having a lot of money, women, cars etc. If Juicy J is rapping about smoking pot, you bet that Juicy J is smoking pot outside the studio booth. They put women as #1, that cash is the motive, and getting high is the now norm. If Wiz Kalmia is talking weed, you bet he’s smoking it and exposing it. The opposite is so with Christian rap. They do have a lifestyle, but it’s different in the sense of what their lifestyle is about.

They put Jesus above all, women in a respectful ay that they should be, and humbling themselves with what they do with the money Jesus provides for them. You’ll still see Christian rappers having chains, cars, and G’s on. The difference is WHAT they are “representing. ” Similarities and differences in the beliefs of the genres of rap could go hand in hand with their lifestyle. The similarities in beliefs could be they whole-heartedly believe in their music, and that they rap to get their message across. Their goal is definitely a hard-hitting unison project. The distinct difference is WHAT they believe in.

Christian rappers without hesitation believe in Jesus. They believe God sent his Son to die on the cross for us, and He paid the price for us. Mainstream rap believes in the ideology that it’s all about me. Fat Joe is an example with his album title, “Me, Myself & l. ” They believe it’s all about the money, again, referring to the phrase CREAM. Having listening to both genres for about 8 year’s total, going back and forth with each, Vie had some history with both. After years of listening, I came too conclusion. Personally, Christian rap is where it’s at. 99. 9% is because I’m a Christian myself.

The other 0. 1% is the whole misleading Mainstream package. I want pure lyrics that can rhyme, analyze, and use similes WITHOUT one curse word. At the end of the song, I want to get something out of it. Sleeping with a ton of women won’t get me anywhere. That’s Just me. If all comes down to WHAT YOU WANT in the music. It’s what you get out of it. If Mainstream is your pick, I dare you to give Christian rap a try. There are plenty of artists out there waiting for your ear to listen. So now it’s up to you, put out in a simple and different way, Christian rap and Mainstream rap.