Shaker is one of the most well-known songs because of the message that was put across by OPAC. Which is, You should focus your effort on making beneficial changes to society instead videoconferencing. Shaker used his talents, combined with the genre of Rap to create his message. In this rendition of the song, he uses everyday examples, and even though this song was written more than 5 years ago, the same issues are still present In the world. He discusses how when someone speaks up to make a change, their Idea, as well as their creators are shot down, literally.

You can see an example of this In Verse 1; Lines 12-13; “It’s time to fight back, that’s what Hey said / 2 shots In the dark now Hue’s dead. ” These two lines also represent how people are afraid of change. At the Neff of Verse 1, OPAC says; “I’d love to go back when we played as kids,” but he quickly follows that up with saying, “but things changed, and that’s the way It Is. ” He Implies that because of the society we live in today, we cannot change our ways. No, I shouldn’t say we can’t change our ways, but that it is very hard to. He reinforces that message in the Bridge.

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One of the symbols of change that OPAC gives as an example is the one that of a Black President, or in our case, a Prime Minister. He states; “We anti ready to see a Black President. ” That statement is true. How are you supposed to support a Black President, or Prime Minister, when the world continues to discriminate its races. Instead of directing your efforts to discriminatory remarks, why not focus your effort on changing the world in some way, such as ending poverty; such stated in Verse 3: “Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs. ” As you can see, this song deals with many issues of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.