As defined by a book written by Dee Buick called The ultimate Small Business Marketing Book he says marketing Is aging your product known to the public, giving it life, letting the consumers know it exists. Marketing is broken down into four AS; these four As are product, place, promotion and price. The four Up’s is something a business should think about before doing anything. (Flick, D. 2011) 3. 0 History: Beats by Drew (Appendix A) is a successful brand of premium headphones. It was founded in 2008 by Andre Remodel Young who is known as Dry. Drew.

Beats by Drew has a number of owners who have a share in the brand, Jimmy Loving, universal Music Group and ETC Corporation all have shares of the brand. Furthermore ETC owns 51% of the shares of Beats by Drew. They also use the brand in their own products to help promote It more. (Guardian, The 2012: online) “Dry. Drew hasn’t made music for a really long time; however he is the richest Hip Hop artist currently because of the headphones brand”. (Newsiest, BBC 2012: online) According to the official Beats by Drew UK website there are two different types of headphones to the Beats brand.

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There are In-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. The In-ear headphones have five deferent styles, and the over-ear headphones have six different styles. Having different styles means having different prices, the most expensive beats headphones can cost a customer up to IEEE however you can grab a pair of beats from Just as little as IEEE, it Just depends which headphones the consumer is after. (Universal Music 2012: online) The main topic of this report is about Beats by Drew and what theory strategies they 2. 0 What is Marketing: To discuss Marketing, it is first important to define it.