Being a disc jockey or better knows as a D], dance is apart of my Job. Seeing all types of dance to all types of music every day of my life. I have probably seen It all, that’s why It Is hard for me to talk so passionately about one single dance clip when I have seen so much, until I saw this http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=7KZgCJDQQPM. This video contains the dancing of one of the best b-borers also knows as break-dancers in the entire world. He is voted number one in Korea for break dancing.

Break Nanning Is a combination of a D], hip-hop, beat boxing, and of course dancing. It Is a six step performance leading Into a power move then finally a freeze, a moment when the dancer completely stops moving holding a difficult position. It started in New-York and grew up mainly around hip-hop. Break dancing spread quickly to Korea and Japan in the eighties but became popular in the early nineties. The reason this specific video of break dancing stands out so much Is because of the music he Is dancing to and because it keeps his cultural background while bringing in new and citing feeling to the dance.

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Music drives us all, weather it be through our day, through hard times, or good times. The incorporation of Johann Bachelors, Canon in D, the extremely popular classical song, with a Korean folk song sends a chill down my spine. The most significant moment to me in the video is at one minute and forty eight seconds when the music calms down and the beat boxing stops, all you hear is the traditional Korean instruments in the background and see a freeze by the dancer that looks nearly Impossible.

The dancer Is balancing his entire body on his hand sideways for the ;freeze’ portion of the six step dance. Since this Is a type of dancing created in the streets by people on the streets, the dancer has just that look. He is wearing what looks to be older sneakers, baggy pants, and a black tank top. Even though the video Is professional the choreographer made sure it did not lose the originality of the dance. The room Is dark, with one light shining down In the middle and what looks to be two T. V screens in the back with musicians playing the music he s starting to dance to.

As the video camera moves throughout the room you see different television screens hanging from the roof each with a different shot of the disc Jockey and the beat boxer In the clip. When the moment that stood out most to me comes around we see he does his freeze with the same television screens that we saw in the beginning of the video with the instruments in the back except this time he is holding a difficult pose. The lighting still dim with one light down the middle where the dancer takes his place to show his Intense skills.

We see the dancer evolve more and more while his surrounding still remaining the same. The second more interesting moment in the video was from thirty three seconds to forty-two seconds. In the television screen we see the Dc scratching his disks while in the distant screen on the roof we see the beat boxer In his red Jersey while In the middle of it all the professional break dancer Is dancing on his hands upside-down. Then he Is 1 OFF where the light is not passing his boundaries, flowing from one dance move to the next making it look effortless.

He does not stop his arms and legs except for the power moves, his body bending to its full potential, and breaking the rules of gravity. The feeling I was getting while watching the dancer was something else. We see dancers putting in all their efforts when in a competition of some sort. This dancer was different the energy put into the dance looks like it is in front of thousands of people, when in reality he is alone in the room, it throws off the viewer in a sense that they automatically realize there is something different about this video.

The entire died was recurring in a sense as in the way the video flowed, but when it came down to it the dance moves they stood out because they were all different. The beat boxer was doing exactly the same thing every time he appeared, the DC was constantly doing the same thing scratching the disks when he came up on the television screens in the background. That is what made the dancer stick out more and more, his clothes were exactly the same the entire video. It is obvious the choreographer wants to emphasize the dance moves to the viewer and of course the music that goes hand n hand with every move he does.

In conclusion we see the cultural background of this video mixed with modern day styles of clothing, dance, and music. It releases a euphoric feeling throughout my body seeing the dance while hearing the classical song Canon in D played with instruments of the cultural background of the dancer. The choreographer wanted to make sure the audience really saw the dance for what it was by not getting fancy with additional buffs, yet did not threaten the creativity of the video.