Cash Money artist Ill Wayne on the rack “Millionaire Dream” (“l got ten around my neck, and baguettes on my wrist, Blind! “), which appeared on the Big Tamers album How Yea Luvs That. “Blind Blind”, a track from the 1 999 B. G. Album Chopper City In the Ghetto, further popularized the term. The use of the phrase became popular, as seen in the skywriting advertisement over this New York summer resort destination of Southampton in 2006. Though B. G. S often given credit for creating the term, as early as the 1 9705, television commercials or dental products and chewing gum accentuated the cleanliness of teeth with a “blind” or “piling” sound, accompanied by an imaginary stardust or ray of light emanating from an actor’s mouth. During the early sass, toothpaste maker ultra Bribe ran a series of commercials stating, “Alliterate gives your appeal! ” Before the words “sex appeal,” a bell sound was heard as a young man smiled while kisses were blown at him.

During the sass and early sass, comedians such as Martin Lawrence parodied the “Alterable smile” by vocalizes the sound effect as “blind”. The term was used in this way to describe a gaudy piece of Jewelry, for example the otherwise rotten gold-toothed smile and stereotypical pimp Jewelry of the character “Jerome” on the television series Martin. While the specific term blind was first popularized In the hip hop community, it has spread beyond hip hop culture and into mass culture. The term was added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary In 2002 and to the Merriam Webster dictionary In 2006.

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Companies such as Sprint and Cadillac have used the word “blind” in their advertisements. In 2004, MAT released a satirical cartoon showing the term being used first by a rapper and then by several progressively less “streetwise” characters, concluding with a middle-aged white woman describing her earrings to her elderly mother. [citation needed] It ended with the statement, “RIP Blind-blind 1997-2004. ” In 2005, the rapper B. G. Remarked that he “Just wished that he’d trademarked it” so that he could have profited from Its use.

The term has also spread to Spanish: rappers SE the term in Latin hip-hop and in regnant from Puerco Rice and Panama, although it is usually written and pronounced “blind-blind”. The Spanish word “bloodline” is also used to refer to blind-blind style. The term is used in French to describe nouveau richer attitudes; such as President Karakas wearing expensive suits, stylish sunglasses and conspicuously large wristwatches. Presidential candidate Mitt Rooney admired a baby decked in dress attire with gold jewelry and said, “Oh, you’ve got some blind-blind here. ”