Nation Does Hip-Hop music send a negative message to our youth? Well some people think It does and others think differently about It. I think It goes both ways and but Ill go more In detail In this essay. As far as I can remember, Hip-Hop music has ruled the Industry and continues to till this day. The negative part of rap music that people say sends a negative message is the lyrics. Some songs talk about killing, drugs and gang violence. That’s the part I don’t care for but it sells so, it’ll continue to remain on top.

Some music was blamed for shootings and some resulted in death. When it comes to violence, the Tuba and Baggy scandal comes to mind. This was labeled as an East and West coast war between the two. They both talked about killing each others families, having sex with each others wives, which lead to both of them being murdered (Dorian 2010). Tuba had some great songs that hit home for some people. One that hit home for was “Dear Mama”, it talked about him growing up and how his mother made the best for him and his sister with what they had. I love when rappers speak from experience and in ways can influences people positively.

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A rapper by the name of “Hurricane”, tells his four kids that what they see and hear is just a record or video that was produced (Samuels 1995). I think it’s good for rappers to explain this issue with their kids. It’ll give them a better understanding as they get older. Some of the negatives are when rappers get into trouble for drugs, murders and violations. Some kids look up to them as role models and when they see the trouble they get into they do the same or even worse. A lot of rappers stress to kids to stay in school and get an education. (Samuels 1995). Sometimes music is a way out for some people.

A lot of rappers grew up in the hood and were In and out of trouble but used music as strength to get out. I think the media portrays It differently and blows rap music out of proportion, as they do everything. The media Is quick to put out the negative things but what about the positive things that they do. Some rappers give back and help out in any way they can. I Just read about rapper T. L. Talking some kid out of committing suicide. That’s definitely a highlight but I bet not too many people heard about It. In closing, I think rap music goes both ways as far as sending negative messages to our youth.