Critiquing Reality-Based Television: Black Fatherhood Black male rappers are not usually shown as fathers, but many of these men have family lives that are rarely talked about. They are more prone to stereotypes of gangsters and murders, but the article discusses 2 of them that are trying to make a difference by allowing society to view their family on reality television.

Russell Simmons was compared to Bill Cubby on The Cubby Show versus Calvin Broads who shows true reality of the Black working class. Russell lifestyle Is stable and educational. Calling’s lifestyle Is more hectic, but represents real life to the fullest. Both men are respected and can relate to their shows viewers. Quote (p. 470): Like Cubby, neither Runs House nor Father Hood deals in any strong way with racism, economic distress, or other societal barriers on their shows.

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Instead, like their predecessor show, both build their plots around family success, humor, and harmony. I feel that these shows Indirectly deal with racism, economic distress, and other societal barriers. That’s why the audiences can relate to the show. If you compare Caucasian American shows to African American shows, you can clearly see the preference by the way the shows are produced, filmed, and the scenes shown.

Also, the way the families bring up their children shows a lot of cultural difference even though it’s not said. Russell Simmons and Calvin Broads are two very deferent Individuals that are looked upon by society negatively because of their involvement in rap. This depiction changes as both worlds unfold in their television shows. I feel that Russell Simmons raise his family in the way society most accepts, but Calvin Broads is more realistic and realize that his flaws are apart of him.