When thinking of hip-hop the first thing many Imagine Is an African-American male rapper In baggy clothing. In today’s society hip-hop Is used as the platform for marketers, encouraging America’s youth to obtain their “Hip-Hop Stamp of approval” (Tan, 91). White Americans are able to wear hip-hop apparel ranging from shoes to backpacks, such as: “Aids sneakers, Cross Colors, sweatshirts, Call Glasses, Basketball Jerseys, the music Itself”, that are sold by popular department stores (Tan, 89).

Having the products sold at several department stores, individuals are able to consume the product with ease. To support his argument, Tan provides an image of a young white male dressed in hip-hop clothes and “blind” (Tan, 90). The visual represents the white community and their constant desire for acceptance, specially within the hip-hop community. Mine is a current example off white hip-hop figure, who dresses in the same matter as the young white man in the image Tan provides.

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Dir. Deer helped Mine obtain his fame, and as a result Mine was Influenced to dress In a hip-hop matter. Following Amine’s example, several other individuals in the white community were influenced to dress in a hip-hop manner. The marketers took advantage of the situation, and sold this new style to specifically the white Americans seeking their stamp of approval. Jason Tan explains advertisements today mainly focus on human desires, insecurities, and fears (Tan, 87).

Tan explains a T-Mobile commercial where an African-American man is bombarded by other men in hip-hop apparel, while an Asian man is around the African- Americans thigh (Tan, 88). In this commercial the African-American man represents a consumer that Is “under siege from clueless marketers hoping to tap Into his preferred lifestyle In order to sell him products” (Tan, 89). The people that bombard the African-American man represent the individuals who want to be “cool” and accepted, but end up looking ridiculous cause they are never going to be fully accepted by the black community. Sing the advertisement Tan explains how marketers use hip-hop as a symbol of acceptance, a stamp several consumers seek, such as the White, Latino, and Asian people in the T-Mobile commercial. Through using this commercial as an example, Tan is able to certain products. Through the use of commercials marketers are able to influence the public to do as they please, Just as the commercial Tan provided did. Reaching individuals can be successfully achieved though tapping into to common fear of not belonging.