Artist Bio BY macadam Boston based 20 year old rapper born on April 8th 1989 Kristin Garcia is fresh off completely his debut soon to be classic mistake entitled “The Mass Effect” Boston hasn’t been known churning out great emcees over the past, but Kristin Garcia Is here not only here to put Boston on the map the rather the whole east coast. Roxbury native, half black half Spanish with lyricism reminiscent of a young Nas and the soul of Big Pun setting himself lyrically apart from many of today’s youngest rappers Kirk’s authority as an emcee is beyond his years.

Lyrics focusing on the harsh realities of the young black youth Kuris paints pictures with words and looking to be one of raps leading voices In the year to come. Rapping since Junior Like most emcees born In the urban streets he started as a gangs rapper quickly realizing this wasn’t who he Is Kuris decided Just to be himself and rhyming from the heart heartfelt lyrics that spoke of the hard environment In which he grew up.

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The pain and hunger Is evident In very track, Kuris Is a writer a rappers rapper a perfectionist a hip hop purist and fans and critics a like will embrace this young rappers undeniable swagger. Kuris Is not a lyricist, he has the whole package, outspoken brash personality with incredible comedic timing and star power needed to be successful in today’s media. Kirk’s current project is a cultivation of rhymes, which he delivers with both a masterful flow and a wise well-crafted street rhetoric and beats by two producers Lennox

Murphy and Mario (MARS) Charles both from Boston over the past nine months and counting have put together with there heart and soul a mistake that feels unlike album that with the right artist management and sponsorship is sure to garner critical success. Kuris and his team aren’t looking for the overnight success or looking to be millionaires. He’s here for the love of the music and looking for a label he can call home and continue to make classic music.