Assignment Kaplan University Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond 06/29/13 The Music I associate with from my early childhood would be so many different songs from like the alphabet songs. When I grew up we were not allowed watching TV so much In the ass’s. But we watched some cartoons like the Surfs on Saturday mornings; I still remember the song FAA-la-la-la. I grew up listing to reggae and oldies but goodies music on my parents little radio In the living room. When hear these songs I have a smile on my face.

It always reminded me when my children was existing to some of the same kind of music either on Television or radio or when they watched cartoons like Old MacDonald or Bitsy Spider with the same good old folk rhymes. As I got older I remember listening to bands like the S. O. S. , Daze band. My mom always made me play her cassette deck with her oldies or reggae music while she cleaned the house top to bottom. She always danced around while she was cleaning and it made cleaning looked like so much fun.

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And to this day if I help my wife with house chores I listen to the same kind of music then my mother was listening to. My daughter is the exact same way; she plays music all the times. The Music I associate with my adolescence is R;8 disco music from the sass’s and ass’s. I loved mostly all of them and I would listen to any songs “l want to be your man” by Rogers or Keith Sweat “Make It last forever”, “Between the sheets” by The Isles Brothers. I could Just go on and on.

I went through many phases where I start listening to Madonna or country music and different artists like them, but I believe it had something do to with being a young boy growing up. Up to this day I could listen to all the same artists, bands or songs and think about the carefree days I had and being a high school boy being crazy with all my friends. But there was a time in my life where I was real crazy and Just listening to rap music and started using the bad words and believe me that was not for long because my mother got rid of all my rap music quickly.

And now If my children would listen to some rap music I tell them please not in my home. When it comes to comfort in music I always find myself going back and listen to oldies or reggae that was always playing when my mother was cleaning the house. It was an everyday thing for my mom because it seemed that our home was never clean enough for her because we were six children coming in from football fields dirty or the backyard.

But anytime I came Into the house the same oldies or reggae music was playing, It was either Bob Marble’ Buffalo Soldiers” or the oldies song” Let’s stay together” by AY Green When I have a bad day or just want to relax I find myself sitting down and turn on music and listen to the ass’s or ass’s songs, because that is what gets my head clear and then I can focus again. Happiness is a mood I would associate with songs or music that has a good rhythm and has a positive message. The song that makes me happy Is “Buffalo Soldiers” by Bob Marble Just like my mother, she would play that song over and over again.

I comforting, depressing, fun and any other mood or feeling one could have. This is not because of how the song really sounds or the way it’s played, it’s the meaning from the lyrics. But the listener interprets the song in a way that only you can relate to. That is why music is so important to me because it can be a musical time line of our memories. I will always remember the music I grew up with and all the god times I had as a child and this is what I took into my Adulthood. In my life, music has been a constant, ever changing magical and amazing adventure.