Works Cited and/or Bibliography Format: MEAL. I will post an example under “Sample Assignments” # of Sources: Min. Of 3 Academic/ Scholarly Sources. Use the library databases or make an apt. With an AC reference librarian to help with your sources.

Due Date: You will choose a time period from the 1 ass’s to the says: Research what was going socially, politically, economically during that time period You are then going to write a paper analyzing the time period and whatever topic you have chosen trying to express the connection between time, place and societal happenings and an aspect of the Humanities. Ex. Talk about an art movement etc, that occurred during the time period you choose. You might want to go the route of picking out songs that were popular during the time and analyze how the lyrics reflect the sentiment of the time.

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You might want to pick a film Like Easy Rider and tell why you think It represents the mindset of freedom of the open road and restlessness of the sixties. Another idea you might try is research a type of music and how it reflected the time period. An example of this Is to look at the Jazz music In the sass’s and tell about It represented a frenetic energy of time. You could look at how teens dressed in the fifties in comparison to how they began to dress in the sixties and explain what was going on In the different decades to cause the difference.

There are many different angles to go with on this assignment. The main thing you want to get out of this is how music, fashion, art, literature etc. Reflect what is going on in society at a given time period. You might want to even look at when a certain type of art began and see If there was anything going during that time in the art realm that made print making a much needed art form. You could look at a style of art such as graffiti or performance art and see when and where It began and analyze what was going on at the location or time period that facilitated the art form growing.

You might want to look at Beat Poetry and see how the poets voiced the happening of the sass’s and sass’s. You might want to analyze hip hop music and compare It to something like slave narratives and see how each may or may not reflect the different voices and mindsets of the African American cultures. As one of the examples that will be posted a student wrote on the Star Wars phenomenon and how It affected American pop culture over past several decades Write a paper on a specific art or literature movement.

Or you may choose an artist, or singer whose music or art may be a representation of a specific time period. Singer. You might want to focus on a specific religion or philosophy of a specific time period. You could also look at modern movies such as Super-Size Me and analyze why the fast food culture has harmed Americans and their health. Using a film to convey a state of societal concern or mindset has become very popular with films such as Bowling for Columbine and Super-Size Me to add social commentary about timely topics such as obesity and pollens on gun control.

For Instance The Columbine Shootings re-awakened the right to bear arms debate that has been going on for decades and centuries, the fever pitch. Was it the power of film? Was it Americans saying enough we have to protect ourselves within our own borders and against our neighbors? Whatever the opinion or answer it reflects societal mindset and perhaps a change in that mindset. Another idea might be to look at the representation of the human body in art at efferent time periods, in B. C. E.