In a specific example, Too Short, a rapper well-known for his degrading music, Is chastised for promoting sexual assault to woman among middle school aged boys. He profusely apologizes for his behavior and uses his Influence in the black community to inform young people that what he said was wrong and not advisable. The Hip-Hop generation and the Civil Rights movement generation come together to talk about the incident and agreed that something must be done. Many also say that rap music has also been beneficial for women since many women have en able to enter the hip-hop industry, be successful, and are considered strong women.

However, currently the majority of rap artists have materialized women as an object for sex, which is, in turn, reflected in society. “Preface to ‘Is Rap Music Harmful to Women? ‘. ” Rap and Hip-Hop. De. Tamari Thompson. Detroit: Greengages Press, 2013. Current Controversies. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 6 Feb.. 2014. Brian Gritty, a senior businessman writer at Billboard magazine, uses the statistics in the music industry to emphasize the misogynistic tendencies of rap music and the active effects on the Industry.

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By doing so, he Informs the reader of the disadvantages of promoting degrading Images of women and objectifying them In music videos. Parents have become aware of the language used and have begun restricting their children from contributing to the industry. As a result, the rap music industry profits will inevitably decline as women and young people become Increasingly hesitant towards the genre. Brian also reintroduces the fact that rap music is harmful to women and their self-esteem. The rap genre encourages young people, especially young males, to be promiscuous and implies that women are objects used for pleasure.

Ultimately, the continuation of theses nuances of misogyny and sexual objectification will result In a generation of domestic violence and the overpowering growth of a patriarchal society. 1 OFF Culture of Violence… ” Journal of Negro Education. Summer 2002: 175-192. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 06 Feb.. 2014. The Journal of Negro Education’s own Juanita Richardson and Kim Scott address America’s protest towards seemingly violent rap music and argues that America has fleeted the violence portrayed in all types of entertainment onto rap music alone.

They claim rap music is “merely another creative expression that is an outgrowth of prevailing entertainment practices. ” The velveteen of rap music, therefore, is the fault of an America who financially applauds the embellishment of such behaviors that are now deemed, unacceptable. Disdain for the music genre directly attacks the outlet created by young people to voice their anger with American society. “Gangs rap gained notoriety, in part, due to its misogynous themes, encouragement of hyperventilates, violent lyrics, and the behavior of some of its artists.

However, antisocial behaviors, or activities considered reprobate by predominant cultural norms (e. G. , shooting police officers or rival gang members) are symptoms of far more complex and multifaceted issues than commonly acknowledged. ” This basically enforces the idea that rap music is merely an expression and is not the cause growing misogynistic beliefs and gang fights in society. However, this form of rap may have Just glorified the “gangs life. ”