The author explains how IP-hop artists can not only use their money to buy big houses and cars but also invest into business that would show good examples to their fans; it would therefore create Job opportunities. Wade explains how some of the money earned can be invest in big companies as Energy, Technology, or in Job training that would help the lower class as more rooms would open. He believes during all these big award ceremonies artists should acknowledge those between them that contribute In the expansion of the country and encourage other to get Involved. He states that If

In wanting to get up and do something that would actually define them Instead of following someone’s dream. This essay answers the questions I have regarding the economical perspective hip-hop might have on our society and how artists can give back to the society that allows and encourages them to live their dreams. What I don’t really understand is the concept why artists would feel the urge to help the economy. Is our government not good enough to handle it? Sagging, Kathy. “Researcher cites negative influences of hip-hop. ” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 13 June 2008: n. Gag.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In this magazine, the author explains the negative effects hip-hop has on the society and states his blast with strong argument. More kids are taking the messages convey In this music as motto or determination In life that don’t even apply to real life says the author. He explains how hip-hop tarnishes the Image of girls as brainless with a nice body. Also, they appear with provocative clothes that basically ask girls to dress less in order to get some attention. In addition, Sagging thinks that looking at he sexual imagery convey trough the videos really impacts the functioning of girls.

This article takes a different perspective on hip-hop. At the beginning of the article, the author do acknowledge the fact that hip-hop is considered bad for the directed to the general audience and has for purpose to show the good side of hip- hop on our teens. The author is definitely an advocate of hip-hop. He describes the hip-hop as a unifier of diverse populations when it all started here in the United States. In addition, he accentuates the fact that hip-hop has help teens to be aware f the conditions they face in society and enable them to discuss ways in which they can make a positive change in society.

This article is relevant to me because not only it has good positive effects of hi-hop but also greatly balances it with the negative facts people only choose to see. This article will definitely help me in my paper because it’s full of solid arguments I need to backup this perspective of the paper. I will also be presenting the contrasts the author establishes between the positive and negative effects of hip-hop to convey a certain idea in my paper.