Dysfunctional Children Raised By Disobedient Parents Dysfunctional children all have one main factor to their disobedience and that is horrible parenting. From a single mother raising the child to parents fighting and arguing Inside the house In front of the kids. The article, Mine Is Right: The Primal Scream of Teenage Music, By Mary Breasted, demonstrates that dysfunctional kids show the greatest emotion due to disobedient parenting. All of this was compared to music from today’s artists.

The article, Don’t Mention the Family, By Jason Cooley, Has many segments from different publishers showing the cons of all parenting. From single mothers, beat down dads, to abuse in the household from both parents, but both have salary reviews on bad parenting. Bad parenting causes children to behave more different than normal due to fear, or wanting attention. Many examples are shown from music from artists that have been through it already. In the article, Mine is Right: The Primal Scream of Teenage Music, by Mary Breasted, clearly shows what most Musical artists are trying to get out there to their ewers.

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For instance, she brings up artists such as Outpace, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Blink-182, Papa Roach, etc. Most of these artists’ performed as the Top-40 most popular Icons In America. Most dysfunctional families come from broken homes In the black community. Mary Breasted states that Outpace Shaker, the best-selling gangster rapper in the time, talked about what parents did not want to hear in his music. He spoke the vulgar truth in every word. Teenage girls getting pregnant and have no one to tell, so they drop out of school to support their child.

Boys who grew p with no father try to find a big brother or father figure on the streets, causing them to get Into trouble. Although Outpace Shaker never knew his father and had a mother who was charged for possession of crack when he was young. Outpace loved his mother and although she made mistakes, he cherished everyone moment he had with her because Tuba’s mother was the one who raised him into a man who respected the women’s gender. Another rap artist she used in her argument was Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z. Jay-Z did not have a father as he grew up. Both

Outpace and Jay-Z grew up as adolescents, who sold drugs, had guns, lived in the ghetto, and had a mentality of a thug or gangster. Even though they had those cons, they both rapped about being good parents will prevent your kids to be like them. “The fact that child abandonment is also a theme in hip-hop might help explain what otherwise appears as a commercial puzzle-?namely, how particular music moved from the fringes of black entertainment to the every center of the Every teenager mainstreams” (Breasted). Hip-hop music does not only symbolize adolescent black men’s, but also disobedient white teens.

The mall point that Breasted uses to argue her Issue Is the Rap artist, Marshall mom. His step dad abused him and Mine retaliated and fought back. Mine rapped about irresponsible parents throughout most of his music. In Amine’s music, He states that Children need their parents and not having parents causes all hell to break loose. Mine does talk down on women, but he does not send it out to all women, Just his mom and his ex-wife for not being women, but being better mothers. “Today’s teenagers are a mess, and the parents who made them that way effuse to get it” (Breasted).

The connection that Mine makes to his fans from the song he published, Sing For The Moment, is a connection that parents, in his view, just don’t get. Breasted states that, “the Missals” from the song show clearly what the lyrics depict-?hordes of disaffected kids. Flashbacks to bad home lives, screaming out to the singer who feels their pain. ” Mine gets criticized for being foul- mouthed, and hate of others, but he offers a cautionary tale that speaks to our civilization’s growing depravity. The only ones who understand Amine’s pain was is fans, and their parents still had no clue what was going on with their children.

In the article, Don’t Mention The Family, By Jason Cooley, mentions from one of his sources that poverty is the real issues, not fathers. Most single parents are poor. We shouldn’t blame the parents, but the Government as well. Better welfare causes single parents from becoming poor. Another point he brings into his argument is that having both parents in the house is not the best choice either. Parents will argue and fight in front of their children and can cause a huge mental and emotional infiltration within the child.

Parents will debate what their roles is as a parent are in the household. “So, what the left should “get” is family values based on an ethic of care and underpinned by one of Justice, which enshrines the value of equality’ (Leister). Another point Cooley argues is that a stable family is a key to a young child’s early years. Good parenting, which usually includes both parents, and help from the grandparents, can surpass poverty and expand a child’s life chances. Both articles argue and provide an abundant of evidence to support their argument.

Although Mary Breasted used Music artists, she clearly shows that most of the artists know what disobedient teens are feeling. Many say that Hip-Hop music is vulgar and show violence, the words in every song show the true meaning of some people’s lives. Many teen girls are getting pregnant, and they do not know what to do about it. Boys are Joining gangs, and becoming thugs by selling drugs, carrying hand held weapons, etc. Bad parenting causes all of these in today’s society. Jason Cooley does not blame it on the parents; the evidence he provides blames the government.

The parents tried their best to raise their children, even if their best was not good enough, but the government could have helped them. Better welfare could have prevented lack of parenting due to Jobs. Not only does bad parenting cause dysfunctional children, but so does poor government. Outpace, Jay-Z, and Mine all grew up in the low-poverty areas, which caused absent of fathers, lack of parenting from mothers, and a trend throughout the community surrounding them. If the government gave better welfare, no one would have to live like that unless it is by choice or poor decision-making.