Censorship paper e of the main responsibilities of government is to protect its citizen and make their life straightforward and comfortable by screening just about everything in the society. Government have Customs agency so nothing prohibited or destructive can get In the motherland, they have FDA to screen all kind of drugs and food so they can’t injure the general public.

Bad foodstuff, expired or questionable drug or illegal items coming through the Border can make our life horrifying but in a long run toting can influence us more than the media and its several forms such as television, radio, film, documentary, songs or even paper news. After making a film, a documentary or even releasing a song, the first process that the creator/author/ director has to pass through is the “censorship”.

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Censorship is defined as the repression of language or other communication which may be considered objectionable, detrimental, sensitive, or problematic to the society, specific person(s), government or even government agencies as determined by a government, media or other controlling organization(s). In this paper, I am going to talk with reference to two different songs by the N. W. A, known as one of the most dangerous group on earth from Compton, California, Outpace Shaker, representing west coast and Biggie Smalls from east coast of U. S.

The organization/band/member of N. W. A and several of its songs have been already banned for its debatable lyrics and political hostility. Some of its songs were so debatable that the government (FBI) had to step in and ban it from the private Web channel for the Public Web users, the “Youth”. “1-8-7 on an undercover cop”, by DRP. D. R. E and Snoop Dog, two of the founding embers of N. W. A, echoes the resentment towards the Police, a very Influential, “dealing with citizens on a daily basis to maintain the law and order situation under control” government branch.

The song, in general, speaks of violent behavior and drugs that government Is trying to control by assigning Its special force D. E. A by sending undercover police to two of the “kingpins” who finds out the true Identity and assassinate the undercover “5-0”, a code used by the “urban gangsters” to categorize the police. Back in the late sass’s and early ass, thousands of youngsters were blindly ongoing behind all the wordings and the languages that the band members were using as a message to show the authority a huge “Middle Finger”.

For such a huge Influence on the teenagers which was certainly negative, to keep the law and order situation under control, to avoid idiocy, a good number of U. S peaceful citizen whose main intention was to stay away from conflict found it objectionable. Most of these citizens (mostly white-American) were babbling by laws and had full confidence on the government and its agencies that had only one intention, lock up the criminal, execute crime and drug or gun which cannot damage any more component of the social order.

Some of these people were either active or in some way related to government agencies who found several of the metaphors as lyrics used In the song exceedingly Insensitive. Now, 99 pigs on a block with me, Not a monotheistic’ cop want knock 1 OFF A c-o-n-v-I-c-t, the monotheistic’ d-o- g, comic’ from the I-b-c. Look at what the doc brought in, A chrome 38, a footy-of’ mage, and Mack 10 So what you want do? (what you want do? ) I got the gauge, a Uzi and the unthinking 22 So if you want blast, Amiga we can suck ‘me If we stick ‘me then we stuck ‘me so buck ‘me! Yeah, and you don’t stop, Cause it’s 1-8-7 on a monotheistic cop Yeah, and you don’t stop, According to the Californian law, “187”, the code is used to fundamentally assassinate someone. The lyric itself illustrates how much hatred these people of Compton were igniting towards the police force. The Police here are referred to as “Pig”. The theme of the song is to demonstrate the world that N. W. A can smash any blockade, kill anyone even if he is an armed federal employee. Chrome 38″, “Mack 10” or “Gauge” are used as the simile f certain models of gun that is illegal to possess by any person with the exception of the law enforcement agencies. All together, N. W. A articulated their antagonism towards the police in such a vicious and straight tongue merging about their set up of the deal, finding out the truth about police force betraying them and use precarious weapons to assassinate them points out their extreme viciousness and rival outlook. Using such vulgarity against a federal organization and intending to spread the message of violent behavior amongst the youth is in opposition to the law.

The constitution gives right to citizens n liberty of speech, free will to criticize government however it does not give the citizens rights to explicitly pronounce its conspiracy against the administration. Songs like “1-8-7 on an undercover cop” by N. W. A, based on their real life- situation, must be censored to keep civic society from thinking, using or trying to attempt to use in society from a stand point of a typical college student of 2011. Certainly, the song must be banned from all kind of public channels, making sure that a 9 year or 14 year old adolescent cannot even snoop to it.

To rationalize the free speech right, the censored” song may be heard, sold or distributed between matured listeners. And speaking about the point of supporting the song from a religious leader’s point of view, even I was one, would have strictly supported the censoring of the song”l -8-7 Outpace Shaker and Biggie Smalls are both American Rappers, musicians. The first person was representing West coast while the other was a symbol of the East. Together, they sold more than $1 50 millions copy of their albums.

Pragmatically, they had at least half of the nation listening to their music. Though diverse flow, both of their songs were about growing up in the idle of violence and hardship in ghettos, racial discrimination, other social problems and conflicts with other rappers during the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. In the song “Hit me up”, by Outpace Shaker, he mostly calls out “Biggie” by declaring to have slept with his spouse. In the same song, he also makes threats him to be “geared up” for his death and verbally abuses him in a range of ways.

Unfortunately, Outpace dies after the song was released while Baggy got pleasure from the earth only one more year after Tuba’s fatality. I anti got no mouthwatering friends That’s why I bucked your pitch You’re fat motherhood’s… You claim to be a player But I bucked your wife… Grab your clocks when you see OPAC Call the cops when you see OPAC, uh Who shot me… I take money, crash and mash through Brooklyn With my click looting, shooting, and polluting your block With fifteen shot… Major political issue starts from a small subject.

Having so many fans left behind, they literally twisted a war field for the two “coasters”. Profanity again reached to the peak in the song. The message Outpace tried to pass through was to establish his domination towards not only Baggy UT also the entire East Coast. He used vulgar language and included few other musicians from the east coast (Mob Deep). His manner of communicating the message, disregarding the federal system again pulled out the question of a rapper using his lyrics to reach sudden point by exploiting our youth, our social order.

Unless last time, not only the White-Americans but also a larger number of public found it awfully offensive for the fact that they were using their composition to launch a killing spree between the west side and east side. Justifying the constitutional upgrade, both musicians, specially “Pace” had the right to express his words, however threatening to kill Biggie or warning him about stepping in LA, may be very debatable on the proper practice of the constitution and up to a certain degree can be considered as an “Attempt to Murder” Charge.

Again, as a college student, as a parent of Juveniles or even as a religious leader, I cannot be supporting the song without having a thoughtful mission of censorship on it. But, to be honest, the lyrics are so sadistic and belligerent with a certain meaning for certain people, which can here are some serious theme and speech shifting. Rappers are classified as a musician. And musicians are the symbolic face to the society who has fans all over the country following and carrying their messages.

They are idols when it comes to tag along their style, clothes, hairstyles or even the way they verbalize. If rappers did not have such gigantic recognition or meaning, would President Obama bring up “Ill Wayne” during his presidential campaign? Rappers represents us, they represent the social issues, infirmity, racism, and major problems in the society through their piece f music. And who could overlook the “imagination” part when scripting a song? “Imagination” certainly plays the most prevailing role in any song.

But, let not that imagination of the shady side or the dire intention to explode out in civic so the common populaces get immoral message; the message of infringement, message of Drug abuse, message of sacrilege, message of objectifying women as an entity. “1-8-7 on an undercover cop”, by DRP. D. R. E and Snoop Dog, and “Hit me up” both are particularly notorious, packed with malicious language that is not only incompatible or the new generation but also the existing civilization.