Kelly characterizes gangs rap as a window into, and a critique of, the crystallization of black youth. Its central themes revolve around a strong foundation in male dominance, as well as a portrayal of the plights In the black working class. Gangs rap originated In low Income areas such as South Bronx. People In these communities were facing major economic hardships due to the closure of factories, thus placing many of them In unemployment.

This, along with the constant discrimination they faced, pushed many of the juveniles who lived in this situation to every to another way to show the world what they are going through; and this was done through rap music. More specifically, gangs rappers would scrutinize the way law enforcement agencies dealt with the youth of their community. They did this by emphasizing the unnecessary amount of police brutality they faced and how the police criminality the black youth.

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While looked down upon by many, it is outrageous to say that gangs rap has not helped open up the publics eyes to the difficulties of their every day lives. 2. Tyson considers gangs rap to be a way for the black community to reveal their ice. Aryans and Matthews, however, believe that gangs rap can only be detrimental to the black community as a whole. Why? Because gangs rap tends to show the nation a negative portrayal of the black community mainly because of the way they deal with their own family.

Aryans and Matthews claim that through rap, women have been objectified and degraded. While Tyson agrees that rap tends to be very misogynistic, he also says that rap is not to blame. These views have been around prior to rap’s birth and while rap may portray this negative view, misogyny would not disappear if rap were to disappear. Gangs music is similar to black conservatism in the sense that they both take on the patriarchal stance within the black community.

I believe that Tyson ash the correct viewpoint because he acknowledges the fact that gangs rap can be detrimental to the outlook on black feminism, but still believes that the benefits of rap outweigh the hindrances. 3. Dawson tackles four claims that are associated with rap music. Firstly, he evaluates the claim that rap plays a major role in creating a black public sphere; rap is a source of pro-black information and a “CNN” to the black community. Secondly, AP music gives its listeners a sense of political education by allowing the black community to get see the perspective of someone who they can connect to.

Thirdly, the economics behind rap allows for them to give back to their community, creating a form of racial uplift. Finally, rap tends to bash on women and homosexuals therefore not allowing for a complete black public sphere to be created because of the exclusion of women and homosexuals. Research agrees with the idea that rap strongly correlates to a black nationalist view, but It also agrees with the Idea that rap leads too more negative view on black fearfulness. I believe that the depiction of black people in the arts has led to a stereotype that representation has been reconsidered and has led to the generally accepted view that these stereotypes are an entity of the past. I believe that the representation of black people in literature plays a vital role in showing people nowadays what the situation was like during their time from their perspective. I also think that nowadays gender and race representation doesn’t effect the way people view others, we are beyond that, yet it is still necessary in order for us to understand history.