The clip starts with a narration explaining the contents of the show. The clip then changes from shots of different families. The families are all dressed smart, with DOD posture showing that they are well behaved. However, the parents are standing separately to the children which may show how the parent’s strict attitude may affect their relationship badly. The music Is fast, however the classical Instruments used makes It seem as though the parents being so strict Is traditional but not modern. E next shot is a two shot, and shows two of the parents explaining their reasons for being so strict. The clip switches between a shot of children working under parental supervision, the fast pace music gives a sense of panic making It seem as If the children have little time to finish their Job. World’s strictest parent sets up the binary opposition of Parents vs.. Child. It uses the genre conventions of a family home.

Hashing his dad’s hands, while a sound bridge then brings us to a close up of the boy as he explains his fear of his dad. These clips raise the viewers expectations of children’s behavior; this is done to shock the audience even more as the shot changes. The music changes to a heavy metal song, and the shot changes to a young boy charging at the camera. This shows the change in children’s behavior and how rebellious these children are. The clip then changes between shots of the children drinking, smoking, being untidy, being violent and being disrespectful.

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All these wings are stereotypically seen as problems with young people. There is then a close up of a girl explaining that she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, and suddenly the music changes back to classical and the shot turns to families saying dobby to the rebellious teenagers. However, this doesn’t last long as the fast tempo rock music comes back. The music gives a sense of warning as if to show that there are problems coming, the clip then goes between shots of the teenagers arguing with the strict parents. The arguments then get worse and worse as if building up tension, and then the opening sequence is shown.