Why do people criticize types of music like metal? Since the ass a type of music called heavy metal stared to born, characterized for their strong sound, screams and high voices. As the decade before was an age of disco music, dance and romantic letters, people didn’t take heavy metal as good as they should take. People start rejecting at the ones who listen to this music, and at this point they started to call them rebels. At the ass, heavy metal stared getting strong, many people know were part of the ones who listen.

Since that decade heavy teal was divided in many branches where they born different types of heavy metal as: Nu metal, dark metal, doom metal, metal core, rock metal, alternative metal, death metal, Christian metal, trash metal, etc then they generalized heavy metal as metal, and heavy metal started making part of metal. So this music stared to be a door for the teenagers that wants to highlight from others that’s why the majority of metal heads have piercing and tattoos. Collect TLD accept them and Judging from their appearance the stereotype metal as”satanic”.

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The people that don’t listen to metal because Just didn’t Like this genre Just prefer to don’t comment and keep distance. But metal is strongly criticized by society and there are people that said that metal is only an excuse to use drugs and alcohol, because in all the genres metal is the one that has the most drug addict followers. Others said Metal Heads are dark and satanic as the famous singer Justine bibber that said:” I reject metal. Why? Because is an insipid, violent and dark music that incite teenagers to follow the path of the sin and o lock in a melodramatic and melancholic way of life without sense. Metal constantly resave critics by another famous genre called regulate, with comments as: “those teenagers are violent they express their self In a bad way and live their live like a punish, Like something bad. ” “Regulate wants to contagious world with happiness and Metal Heads Just try to cloud happiness with their gloomy and sad thoughts. ” “metal Is not music there are Just screams without harmony. ” As metal Is a different type of music that express rebellion and rudeness, metal Is present to the ones who didn’t know about this genre as bad music, also people get scare about the content of the lyrics.

Many religious people or Scientific’ use phrases metal is satanic. ” “the members of that band love Satan. ” “the lyrics of that song backward and translated in an old Portuguese language is part of a indigenous ritual to call Satan spirit. ” These arguments arena valid and aren’t proven. One thing is for certain, that there are satanic bands but these are very few, and are part of one of the branches all death metal or black metal, this branch is for satanic bands only, and this one’s didn’t have hide their Intentions. Metal change personality’ no, people look them different because they present a different attitude, Metal Heads didn’t fallow modes they Just are unite because of the feeling of the music. All this disturbance Is because the hypocrisy of the society that talk about values but they didn’t practice, Metal Heads show their self as they are, they do not hide their likes or feelings, that’s USIA is very low as Metallic, system of a down, avenged sevenfold or AC/dc, and people criticized them for them is very sad that all their effort is not considerate.

As lames Hatfield the first voice o the famous group Metallic that said “Honestly, all my [ears of carrier have been disqualified by inexperienced people that move masses in way I don’t like. ” Baring in mind the both sides of the coin, there is a very interesting opinion. “All the likes and dislikes have to be respected, but when someone criticized metal has to have arguments to catalog metal as satanic.

The music was created by God, and in all the branches of metal there is also Christian metal that is Just another way to fallow God’s love, continually world is changing and there are new things everyday that we have to face, as the preacher Juan said “in the Nor we are”. Everyone has different ways to see live, o behave to react. Time is running and we have to enjoy our live with the things we love and like, there’s no time to complicate about others attitude. Unity is not only achieved with equality, difference also makes us a world. Ay: Daniel Libraries H.