What was glam rock and how can its influence be seen in asses rock? Glam rock was characterized as a form of rock that was performed by male performers who wore makeup and very feminine clothing. Many glam rock bands had very elaborate stage shows and costumes and were also known to make many references to both sexuality and drugs In their performances and lyrics. In Dalton to the sexual references, glam rock was also known for Its gender ambiguity as well as depictions of androgyny. Glam rock bands also featured many exaggerated themes during their performances, such as horror or science fiction.

The artistic element of glam rock, which had heavy focuses on visual style and showmanship, changed the rock scene of the asses. . Describe what Is meant by “counterculture” and “psychedelic. ” what are some of the important elements of the hippie worldview? How can music be psychedelic? The word “psychedelic” is a reference to the many new ways that people are able to experience the world. The mid asses was a time where teenagers truly experienced a youth culture that was clearly different and distinguishable from the culture of adults.

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The “counterculture” refers to the clear separation from adult culture during he mid 1 sass. It was a term associated with the hippie worldview that was dedicated to cultural change through the use of music as the main medium. Since drugs helped people to a state of higher consciousness, it was perceived as a big influence on providing young people that new worldview. Rock became more psychedelic through its promotion of drug trips, which led people on spiritual Journeys and achieving that higher consciousness they had sought. The more psychedelic rock became, the spicier and longer the tracks became to its listeners.