A big way that these anta-feelings were expressed were through the sound of music, from notable artists and bands such as The Battles, Bob Dylan, ND Pete Stagger. The Vietnam War era of the mid and late uses to the early to mid ass’s is filled with songs that speak of Just how much people wanted the troops to come back home and how much they were against it. One song that really caught my eye was War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

It Is a hard metal song that is widely considered one of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time and features one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. It’s not a genre of music of which I linked to anti-war, or one hat I really enjoyed before, but It was a nice change of pace where I found very meaningful lyrics to go along with some skillful guitar, and the fact that Oozy Osborne was singing was the icing on the cake.

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Going back to the music at the time period; people loved and agreed with all the anti-war media that was going on, after finally being able to see and hear the truth of the war right In their own living rooms watching the news, as reporters were actually being shipped off into the war and getting their video and news feed straight from he source, the people back home could no longer be lied to by the government of how they were winning when in reality they really weren’t. The can most notably be seen by the gathering at Woodstock In 1969.

Woodstock was a music festival that took place over the three day period of August 15 to August 18, and It was built around the idea of peace and music, where many anti-war artists and bands played their songs that expressed their feelings toward the war. It was headlined by guitarist Jim Hendrix and featured 31 other acts that include The Who, Country Joe and the Fish, and Santa to name a few, but was declined by other notorious acts such as The Battles, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan.

Woodstock was the place of about half-a-million people that gathered to hear their favorite artists and bands have their songs be played, and turned out to be one of the most pivotal moments in rock history, as it was much more successful than as originally thought out to be As far as War Pigs, the ass’s song is built around the idea that the rich politicians and rich people start wars for their benefit and have the poorer people go out into the battlefields and have them die for their behalf, that war is merely a tool for the richer people so that they may be able to get more wealth and power and that the soldiers are pawns In the process.

This can be confirmed by a statement made by their bass guitarist Geezer Butler, how the song was directly intended at the Vietnamese War for that act reason, although vocalist Oozy Osborne says that the song was Just an anti- war song In general. By looking over the lyrics you can see how they’re feeling, for example “politicians hide themselves away, they only start the war, why should they fight? They leave that role for the poor directly relates to the main idea of the song, 1 OFF death and hatred to mankind” which talks about how in the battlefields people are dying left and right as the war continues, and these are friends and family members to people back home, so obviously they would want them back.