The underground bands in our country are originally influenced by western underground culture and Metallic, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megalith, Painter, Bullet For My Valentine, Children of Stood, Cradle of Filth, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Green Days, Van Helen and so on. Some musicians of underground bands play an important role in promoting and developing underground music and musical activities. During these few years we have seen many big musical talent hunt shows in country. These talent hunt shows were telecast in national TV channels.

In these days we can see that people love to go concerts and places where music is available. In the past underground music were very much neglected by the common people of our country. Ere present situation of our country is favorable to the music industry and culture of our country. Now-a-days different event management firms are not only coming forward to organize music events and shows but also they are helping promoting of underground music and bands. Underground bands of our country are not only performing in our country but also doing the same in some others countries.

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Even they are working with foreign bands and artists. We really hope that someday the underground music of our country will get international recognition. 11)Underground World Music: Ere term underground music has been applied to several artistic movements, such s the psychedelic music movement of the mid-asses, but the term underground has since then come to be defined by any musical artist/band that avoids becoming a trend/mainstream. Other early “underground” bands include the Velvet Underground, MAC, The Grateful Dead, Patti Smith, and the Stooges.

Frank Zap tried to define “underground” by noting that the “mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground. ” In the asses, the term underground was associated Ninth the hippie counterculture of young people who had dropped out of college and their middle class life to live in an off-the-grid commune of free love and cannabis. In modern popular music, the term “underground” refers to a performers or bands ranging from artists that do DID guerilla concerts and self-recorded shows to those that are signed to small independent labels.

In some musical styles, the term controversial, as in the case of early asses death metal bands in the US such as Cannibal Corpse for their gory cover art and lyrical themes. Black metal is also an underground form of music and its Norwegian scene are notorious for their association with church burnings, the occult, murders and their Anti-Christian views. All of extreme metal is considered underground music for its extreme nature. 1. 1)Evolution: Ere style of underground music ranges from the asses psychedelic music of the US hippie counterculture, to the DID anti-corporatism of asses-era punk rock, to asses and asses-era hip hop.

While the term comprises a range of different musical genres, they can typically share common values, such as the valuing of sincerity and intimacy; an emphasis on freedom of creative expression; an appreciation of artistic creativity. As well, while very few types of underground music are completely hidden -?except perhaps the underground rock scenes in the pre-Geographer Soviet Union-? he performances and recordings may be difficult to find for outsiders. Some underground musical genres never left their non-mainstream roots, such as Jagged, aggressive I-J 82-style hardcore punk bands like Discharge.

Some underground styles eventually became mainstream, commercialese pop styles, such as underground hip hop of the early asses, which eventually became popular. In the asses, the increasing availability of the Internet and digital music technologies made underground music easier to distribute using streaming audio and bedposts. Some experts in cultural studies now argue that that there is no underground because the internet has made what was underground music accessible to everyone at the click of a mouse.

One expert, Martin Raymond, of London based company The Future Laboratory commented in an article in The Independent, saying trends in music, art and politics are frequently changing. 11. 2)Trends and Current Situation: Music is a part of life and culture. As the time passes music finds a way of its own like our life style, culture and attitude. Different types of new music genres are being introduced every day. People are accepting these new trends in a positive way which Nas not possible in previous times. This is a significant sign that world’s music culture is walking toward a vast new musical evolution.

With the development of technologies and communication system the quality of music is getting richer and becoming available to the people of every corner of the world. Page Z)Underground Music In Bangladesh: England’s is traditionally very rich in its musical heritage. From the ancient times, music documented the lives of the people and was widely patronized by the rulers. Music style of Bangladesh may be divided into three categories, mainly the classical, folk and the modern. 1971-1990: Bangladesh becomes independent during this period of time.

So as an obvious fact patriotic song was the most popular genre in this era. During ‘75176 the now ‘GURU’ of angel pop music, Exam Khan started a whole new era of music that lasted till the nineties. They introduced some modern instruments like Electric guitar, Bass, Drums and Banjo etc. Influenced by the western pattern of music, such as band like Battles, Eagles, and Rainbow etc. 1991-2000: During this time pop music or the so-called band music captured the music industry of our country. Souls, Obscure, Feed Back, Chime, Different Touch, Renaissance, L. R.

B, Feelings, Miles, Winning, ARK, Mongo Ball, Warfare etc. Were some of the leading bands of our country at that time. They had begun a new race in lyrics and composition. These bands were greatly influenced by the western music of that time. They started a different genre of music in our country with a western flavor, by which our teen generation are still amazed. 2000-Present: In this era some extremely popular bands like Black, Orthicon, ARTICLE, Chromatin, Cryptic Fate and a few others raised in this country. Most of them were influenced by the western metallic bands like Metallic, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,

Black Sabbath, Megalith, Supernatural etc. Some underground bands like Mechanic, Power Surge, Stentorian, Generalist, Nemesis, Airbrush are hugely popular among the new generation. Page 2. 2)Some of the popular underground bands and their genre: 1)Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative Rock/Progressive Rock Cryptic Fate Article The Watson Brothers DNA Fake Plastic Superheroes Breach Nemesis Decipher Bassoonist 2)Thrash Metal Poison Green X-Cranium 3)Death Metal/Black Metal Barrack Dripping Gore Eclipse Severe Dementia (formerly known as 666) Voodoo Economic 4)Gothic Metal Druids Page 2. 3)elements:

Underground music basically depends on instruments as most of their music are instrumental. Again there are various genres of underground bands so they need to produce different types of music with various instruments. Most commonly they use electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, guitar processors, equalizer, amp and so on. Sometimes they use voice synthesizer, percussions and studio effects. But it is not necessary that only electrical instruments are used in underground band music. Sometimes they also use acoustic instruments and classical instruments like Tablas, setter, bash’, violin, cetera and so on. E underground bands in our country are originally influenced by western underground culture and their mainstream music. Our underground band musicians not only follow western music but also their on stage appearance. Even they try to “elk on the life style of the western band members. The most popular and worldwide renowned bands are Metallic, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megalith, Painter, Bullet For My Valentine, Children of Stood, Cradle of Filth, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Green Days, Van Helen, System Of A Down, Dream Theatre, Lamb Of God, Godsends, Off Fighter, Tritium, Scorpions, and so on.

Actually the number of the international underground bands is enormous. So the influence and effects of their music and life style has a great impact on the underground bands of our country. Page 13)Underground Musicians in Bangladesh: 13. 1 )Pioneer: Some musicians of underground bands play an important role in promoting and developing underground music and musical activities. They have given a lot to our underground music history. They are called pioneer because they not only have created some great songs but have also showed the way to walk through the path of underground music world to the next generation.

Kamala, Tip, Salaam, Milan of Narrate, Summon, Raff, Pickup of Orthicon, Lincoln, Rasher, Shahs, Cezanne of Article, Ion, Tony, Johan of Black, Turbo of Cryptic Fate, Parrot of Souls, Shafts, Manama, Jewel, ours of Miles, Bibb Bacchus of LURE are the pioneer underground musicians in our country because they have entered the main stream music with their endless efforts. So new generation is looking towards them and entering the underground music Nor. 3. ) Facilities and Patronage: Ere underground musicians of our country hardly receive any financial support from families or any other institutions. They face difficulties to buy musical instruments own. Only main stream bands get support from various organizations. So facilities are very rare for the new underground bands. But after they become popular among the listeners their situation begins to change in a positive way. It becomes also a way to earning for them along with the popularity amongst the young generation and even in the society.

So it is clear that underground bands and musicians create facilities of their own and carry on their musical Journey. Page 9)Events: 9. 1)Talent Hunt: Recently musical events in Bangladesh have become very popular. Common people are looking for various musical events and festivals. Almost in every functions and occasions we love to enjoy music. In this regard underground musical events are getting popularity and progressing rapidly. During these few years we have seen many big musical talent hunt shows in country.