The Power of Music I wonder if there is such a thing as a good addiction, because I think I’m addicted to music. I listen to it everywhere I go and it’s almost as if I can’t live without it. I believe that music has the power to change people and I believe that It Is very Important, especially, to me. I listen to all sorts of music: rock, punk, techno, screams, oldies, pretty much anything I can get a hold of.

Each genre of music that I listen to helps set the way that I am going to feel that moment. I listen to heavy rock and screams music when I am angry or Just need to get pumped to skate. I listen to acoustic songs and oldies to help me relax and to Just chill out. I believe that music can also provoke memories for me. For example, when I was little, my parents would listen to slow Jams and oldies, at that age my parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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When I hear songs now, that I heard then, they bring back bad memories, times of being left alone and having to take care of myself and worry about when the next time they would be sober and I could feel safe would be. However, now. Since my fathers left, and my mother has cleaned up things have hanged and been a lot easier for me. Some songs I listen to remind me of my old friends from Seattle and how cool it was to me to be 8 years old Just playing with my friends all day long.

I love expressing myself through music and I do this by playing the guitar and singing to my favorite songs. My favorite thing to do Is play my guitar In my room for hours on end, It seems helps me to calm down when I am stressed or It Just makes my day even better than it was. When I get to the point where I am about to yell and scream at everyone, I Just go to my room, get my pick, grab my guitar, and Just release al my anger and frustration into what I am playing. I also express myself through singing, though I’m not the best.

I love to sing and I think I would probably explode If I couldn’t do that. In singing a song, you can show love, gratefulness, sadness, and anything else you can think of. Singing also helps me show my appreciation to the song I am singing along with. I believe that if this world existed without music, then we would have an extremely boring life. No rhythm or feeling, nothing to bring us together, nothing to console us when we are down or make us feel loved, when no one Is there. Music.