The Shining Mountain is about a young girl called Panama-La and her father who is a famous mountain-climber. Because he is famous he expects quite a lot from his daughter. In school Panama-La is picked on because of her extraordinary name but her father tells her to be proud of being named after a shining mountain. Panama-La and her father decide to climb the shining mountain so Panama-La begins her training.

After training the skills she needs for a long time Panama-La and her father test out for the shining mountain. On the plane Panama-La has a nightmare. She Is a Inhale swan flying atop of the mountains but she cannot land on them so her wings lock up and she crashes. On the way to the mountain they pass a village where some men offers to carry their luggage, for a price of course. Panama-La’s father tells them they don’t need help. The men get angry and tell them that the mountain goddess MINI send wind and avalanches their way. Hen they finally reach the mountain and tart climbing it, an old woman appears and offers to carry Panama-La backpack but she refuses because she does not want to disappoint her father. The next day the old Oman offers Panama-La help again she accepts so they switch Panama-La’s heavy equipment in her backpack for swan down. The next day she switches her clothes for swan down and the day after that she switches her heavy heart for swan down swell. At sunset Panama-La is gone so Panama-La father is scared.

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The old Sharpe omen appears and tells the scared father that Panama-La has turned into a swan. Then the mountain goddess appears and tells the father that she had only given him “hat he had wished to get Panama-La to conquer that mountain she was named after. Panama-La’s father starts to cry and regret all the things he had put his daughter through. When the mountain goddess sees that, she turns Panama-La back into a human again. Panama-La’s father has learned his lesson and will never again be disappointed in his daughter.