Is traditionally very rich in its musical heritage. From the ancient times, music documented the lives of the people and was widely patronized by the rulers. Bangle music is well known for it’s own forms and styles of music like Rabin Shanghai,Unusual Shanghai,folk(which includes Pall gist,Allan Get,Combinatory Egan,Pall Egan,kobo Egan etc),Ball Shanghai etc. Earlier these forms of music were popular to the people from all spheres of life.

But popular forms of music Like floorwalkers Shanghai,Unusual Shanghai etc are loosing popularity and also loosing quality listeners day by day as most of us do not get the chance to know or learn this forms of music. Still there is a group of people who are still practicing these traditional forms of music and trying to keep this forms alive. But they are not bigger in number then the modern crowd who are addicted to the new wave of music. At present people are listening to modern,pop,band hop,fusion,modern music with western Influence and Hindi movie songs.

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So, the music scanners In Bangladesh Is changing. This paper Is written to give some reviews ND news about the forms of music which are getting popular to the people of Bangladesh and bringing vital changes in the music sector. I think this little afford of mine can make you aware of the present music scenario in Bangladesh. Modern Music: Modern music literally means “Addenda Egan”. Although, to outsiders, this may seem an extremely ambiguous way of nomenclature, it has particular motivations.

In the period just before Indian independence (Bengal, under British rule, was a part of one massive India that does not exactly correspond to the India of current day), overall new minor musical groups emerged, mainly as playback songs for movies. These songs failed to fit Into any particular genre, but seemed to be tied together by common theme of “music for the masses”. Most of the music tended to be aimed at the mainstream audience – popular catchy tunes with simple words that were far moved from the classical ragas (modes).

Hence, a miscellaneous category, Addenda songfest, was created, since, at that time, this music was “modern”. Although over time these so-called “modern” songs have become fairly old, they continue to be called by the same name. Interestingly, this group of song has grown faster than any other, since it is a miscellaneous category that can accommodate anything that fails to fit elsewhere. The common theme continues to exist. So, although the nomenclature itself might not be as insightful, the genre itself is still well-defined. Reducing a numerous number of listeners and still remained as one of the most popular forms of music. Among the main contributors to Addenda songfest were several singers from both Nest Bengal and Bangladesh. The list can never be completed, but some of the more rollick (and better known) female from Bangladesh are Run Leila, Shania Ramshackle, Sabina Yakima, Shakily Safari, Simian Chowder, Sank Chap etc and better known male artists are Abdul Jabber, Kurdish Lam, Basher Aimed, Seed Abdul Had, Maudlin-nab(deceased) Suburbs Nod, Andrew Shore, Khalid’s Has Mill(deceased) etc.

Most of these creative and qualified artists emerged in early ass’s. Some of them are active in the music industry from early ass’s. For a very long time, Addenda Egan played the same role that pop currently plays in the Western World. It Nas the easy-to-follow and simple song that was fit for people of all age and occupation. It continues to be the most important music among middle-class, white collar Bangladesh families to this day. Modern music and western influence: In the post-independence period, Addenda songfest continued to attract large proportioned of music enthusiasts.

However, with time, newer generations demanded more upbeat music. Starting late ass’s, music involving political theme have started to gain popularity once again, in a similar fashion to growth of Unusual get had gained popularity during the revolution against the British Monarch and the War of Independence of Bangladesh. From this incidents and sources modern music was modified with the use of western instruments like guitar,keyboard,drums,bass etc and brought a new genre of music,pop which is fully recognized as western form of music.

Genres like Bluegrass,punk etc were similarly introduced in Bangladesh as people wanted more upgraded tunes and songs. Artists like Gamma Khan,Frizz Shah(deceased),Fakir Laming,Happy Kane(deceased),Kumar Biscuit,Andre Shore are still famous to a huge number of audience for their creative style of singing and unique compositions. Pop And Fusion: Artists like Habit,Balm,Fad,Tussah,Mila etc have created some mixed melodies Inch have attracted a large number of listeners. They introduced another form of music which can be called “fusion”. Let is another genre of western music and it has gained a huge popularity.

This songs are mainly pop based. This genre has mainly grown up with the use of technology which is not acceptable to many artists and listeners. Still they are producing some great tunes which are leading their way smoothly. Some of these artists have successfully released the mixed versions of some famous folk songs and created a great fusion which helped them obtain a huge support from their audience. They are the most successful artists of music Rock Music: Rock music began it’s Journo in Bangladesh through some great bands in early ass’s. It’s one of the most successful forms in western music and also in England’s. Here I’m going to give some definition about rock music though the point ‘Band Music” written below. Band Music: ere popularity of band music was started enormously with the music of some ammos band groups which had some mixed flavor of our melody with Western stream. This bands were mainly rock based. Some of the best known bands of the era are Souls, Obscure, Feed Back, Chime, Different Touch, Renaissance, L. R. B, Feelings, Miles, Winning etc. Some of these bands are still active.

They are one of most popular bands of Bangladesh. Rock music brought a revolutionary change in the history of music in Bangladesh. This genre of music has build a strong position in Bangle music community. Angle rock was started by Gamma Khan, Miles and LURE. Hosannas (associated with Ark) ND James (Far Manful Nana) (associated with Feelings and, later, Mongo Ball) contributed in popularizing rock music. However, hard-rock did not begin until arrival of bands like Aristocrat, and later Warfare among many others in the early ass. Bangladesh rock scene has evolved into two distinct categories.

Mainstream Underground Mainstream: Current day rock and metal bands have progressed a long way from the initiators of the genre in Bangladesh. Deeply influenced by the progressive rock music of the Nest, and with the latest technology and equipments at their disposal, many of the ewe rock musicians are trying to develop their own identity and style instead of following western bands. Some of the best known mainstream bands are Ark, Irritation, Black, Article ,Bangle, In Dacha, Nemesis, Magna Ball, Aristocrat, Stanchions, Warfare etc.

Underground: popular to young generation,this form of music is getting famous and creating a new Nave of listeners who loves more and more upgraded compositions and tunes. Genres like rock and metal has produced a huge number of sub-genres which are followed by many famous and new bands. At present this is the most popular arm music to the new generation. Many underground bands like etc has became famous to a huge number of audience and gained their position as mainstream bands.

The new generation is getting addicted to underground music day by day because it has so many sub-Greer from which a listener can choose which type of music suits him IR her the most and it also highlights the massive use of western instruments. All the underground bands or musicians are followers of famous western bands or artists though they have their own style of play. But underground bands are mostly metal based. This form of music as created a crowd of it’s own who will always keep supporting it.

Through underground,another popular form of western music,Metal which is also known as extreme form of music has made a strong position in band music and music entertainment. Some of the notable underground bands now a days are Poison Green, Scarecrow, Reborn, Forbidden Truth, Cryptic Fate, Power Surge, Kraal, Gene- Split, Severe Dementia, Mechanic, Satanic, Fetus, Did-illumination, Urban Fictions, Flamed, Mirror Blaze, Cynosure etc. Nat Can We See? : There has been some revolutionary changes in the music sector of Bangladesh in last 2 or 3 decades.

Western music is getting popular to each and everyone which is not a DOD sign and a great threat for our own culture. The new generation are mostly getting addicted to band,fusion and hip-hop music. Normal people are listening to Nesters music because it has a different taste and it’s own style of play. Let has a large ‘rarity of genres and sub-genres from which a listener can easily choose which type if music suits him or her most. There is a large number of people who only listen to English or Hindi songs and don’t even bother about his or her own tradition. Bangle music is loosing it’s own audience and listeners.

Traditional forms of Bangle music are still alive to a small group of people but not in everyone’s heart. Though genres like modern,rock,pop are still holds a large number of crowd,but it’s not enough. The new generation demands more and more upgraded tunes. Because of this our own traditional forms are loosing popularity day by day and young generation is listening to western music. So,we must restore the importance of our own cultural traditions in everyone’s heart and soul. We have to practice our traditional music as much as we can. We have to create similarity between our own traditional form of music and

Nesters music. We have to make our people aware of our culture and the music tradition we have. It is our duty to make everyone know about the beauty and the history of our traditional forms of music. We have to encourage our new generation to listen and practice our own music. We have to build more institutions to teach traditional music. We also have to arrange regular cultural programmed so that the television channels should be more active and responsible in telecasting traditional musical programmed on TV and radio. Or We will loose our own cultural heritage.