Instructor Scott Susan March 5, 2013 Listening Journals #2 Title and Band: “Move like Jaeger” Performed by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Agiler Style: Dance-pop, electro pop Instrumentation: Vocals, synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard Form: ABSENCE Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus, Ending ‘Moves like Jaeger” has a very simple pop form, but It’s a short pop and dance song intended for radio all the way, so it fits the form completely.

It looks like this: ABSENCE. The song has only two chords (a riff that keeps repeating, but the arrangement outlines the song’s sections. The Intro and ending are both shortened ‘erases with the signature line over the top. The arrangement for “Moves like Jaeger” is fairly sparse, although in the chorus there’s a lot more going on that there seems. Ere song is really centered on the rhythm guitar and kick drum, but the catchy

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Insisting signature line defines the intro, the end of the choruses and the ending of the song. The 2nd verse Is different from the first In that harmony vocals enter at the and of the lines during the last 8 bars. The chorus Is different than from the verse In that the rest of the drum kit enters as well as a very subtle synthesizer string sound playing the rhythm and beefing up the section. In the chorus, the notes are slightly echoes as Olivine’s voice Is distorted via Auto-Tune.

The song Is Introduced by a Nestle melody and light funky guitar In the key of B minor. “l don’t need to try to control you / Look Into my eyes and I’ll own you / With the moves Like Jaeger / I got the moves Like Jaeger / I got the moves Like Jaeger. ” Agiler appears mold-way through the song’s bridge, playing her role as a tease: “You want to know how to make me smile / Take control, own me Just for the night / But If I share my secret / You goanna have to keep It / Nobody else can see this. ”