Dry. Dominique What does music mean to you? Do you think it’s changed from the different styles of music and the way that music sounds from when It started? Music can play a big part and role on society. There are many different types of music and music festivals in today’s society. Music has changed a lot within the past few decades. Music festivals have pretty much stayed the same. People can be Judged on the type of music that they listen to as well as the way that they dress.

In this essay I will insider how music relates too sociological theory, three social concepts, how music has changed, peoples clothing appearance, race in relation to music, TV In relation with music, different type of music magazines, the radio, and music festivals in society. There are three sociological perspectives or theories that we learned about. One of them Is the Functionalist perspective, another one Is Conflict perspective, and the last one is Interactions perspective. Functionalist perspective “emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its debility. (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 13). Conflict perspective “assumes that social behavior is best understood in terms of tension between groups over power or the allocation of resources, including housing, money, access to services, and political representation. ” (Schaefer, 201 1, Peg. 14). Interactions perspective will “examine sports on the micro level by focusing on how day-to-day social behavior is shaped by the distinctive norms, values, and demands of the world of sports. ” (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 17).

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I think that music goes best the Interactions perspective theory even Hough it states it’s about sports because I think of it as just like interracial. In the book it states “Despite class, racial, and religious differences, teammates may work together harmoniously and may even abandon previous stereotypes and prejudices. ” (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 17). The way I see it the band could be like a team and the members are the teammates. The teammates (members) of the team (band) have to cooperate with each other. Even If they are a different race or a different religion.

There are many deferent social concepts they we have learned I will talk about here of them and there relation with music In society. Independent variable Is one of them. Independent variable means “The variable in a causal relationship that causes or influences a change in another variable. ” (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 30). Artists can have a big impact on people In a society and can affect others and change the way that they act or speak. Self is another one. Self is “A distinct identity that sets us apart from others. ” (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 84).

Some artists are making up their toys can express their self also. The last concept I will talk about is theory. Theory mean In sociology, a set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions, or behavior. ” (Schaefer, 2011, Peg. 8). Artists can have an impact on their listeners even if the artist doesn’t know it; it can change the listener’s behavior the most towards certain objects or people. I will now talk about how music has changed overtime. Music has changed a lot in the past decades music has had a complete turnaround for varies type of music.

There are so many sub-genres now to certain type of music rather than having a few genres that can classify a number of different types of genres. R&B wasn’t as popular until after the Civil Rights Movement and is now a very popular genre in today’s society. Hip-Hop started off in the ass’s in the Bronx, New York and focused on emceeing, break beats, and house parties. Some of the popular Hip-Hop artists are; Public Enemy, OPAC, Notorious B. I. G. , Slick Rick, Salt N EPA, Busts Rhymes, and The Fugues. It has changed a lot from when it first started off.

Hip-Hop is a very popular music genre in today’s society. Hip-Hop today they are talking about blind, money, and hoes. People are always saying “Hip-hop is dead” because it has changed so such from what it used to be. Rock or Rock and Roll music probably has the most for sub-genres in today’s music society; there are roughly about thirty different sub- genres to fall into it. Rock and Roll did not get its name until the sass’s. Some of the popular Rock and Roll artists are; The Battles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and Grateful Dead.

In an article it states “Rock and roll appeared at a time when racial tensions in the United States were entering a new phase, with the beginnings of the rights movement for desegregation, leading to the Supreme Court ruling that abolished the policy of ‘separate but equal’ in 1954, but leaving a policy which would be extremely difficult to enforce in parts of the United States. ” (H. Zinc, A people’s history of the United States: 1492-present (Pearson Education, 3rd edition, 2003), p. 450). For the most part Rock and Roll or Rock music has changed with all the different sub-genres we have now.

Music change can affect the society because people like to act like their favorite artist and with the affect that how Hip-Hop has changed can be a big part with the society. I think music has changed so much with he new artist’s and they Just want to try out new forms of music and make new sounds or different style lyrics and it influences others to do the same so it diverts from how it started. There are many types of music in today’s society that someone can listen to. People can be Judged by the way that they dress in multiple ways; music would be one way to Judge someone how they dress.

If you look at someone’s music list you will start to Judge what their race is and the way that they dress. If you see somebody wearing all black and chains all over their pants you will tart to Judge that they listen to Heavy Metal music. If you see somebody wearing baggy clothes and pants sagging down below their waist you begin to think that they listen to Rap or Hip-Hop. If you see somebody dress in cowboy boots and other clothes considered as “redneck’s” clothing you would be Judge that they listen to Country music.

If you see somebody wearing Bob Marble clothing you would be ledge them for listening to Reggae music. People are Judged a lot in many ways by the way that they dress whether it’s their class, the type of music that they listen to, loud listen to any kind of music and they Just prefer a certain type of music more than other genres and choose to dress that way. Race can play big role on stereotypes. People get Judged by their race for a lot of things, the type of music that they listen to would be one of them.

People usually assume that Blacks listen to Rap, Hip/Hop, and Reggae, Whites listen to Rock, Metal, Country, and Pop, and Mexicans listen to Reagent, Salsa, and Cambium. In an article it states “For all of metal’s globalization, metal is frequently associated with white, working-class men. This article focuses attention on the African-American minority within US metal scenes, drawing on a case study of the all-black thrash metal band Stone Vengeance, who while enjoying a primarily white male audience, formed their aesthetic in recognition, even celebration, of their blackness’. (Fellers, Popular Music History; Paprika, Volt. 6 Issue 1/2, IPPP-197, app). Basically it is saying that most of the metal listening population is Whites. But there is a group of Blacks that like the music as Nell. This can go along with stereotyping Just because someone is a certain race isn’t mean they have to listen too certain musical genre. No matter what your race is you allowed to listen to whatever music genre you like and makes you happy. TV use to play a good role with music also. MET use to show all the hot music ‘ideas and information on artists.

MET is supposed to stand for Music Television. Now they have all of these stupid shows like “Teen Mom”, dating shows, and reality shows. It changes the way that the youth to want to act like the people they see on TV like they see them as a role model. It’s like people are beginning to lose touch Ninth music and its origins and how it began. The radio also plays a big role with music also. There are thousands of different stations broadcasted in the United States. Some of them play the hits of today’s society, classic music, and certain types of genres.

The radio stations that play the hits of today’s society are a good way to keep up to date with the popular hits. The radio can help you along with finding a new song or artist you like. Some radio stations may tell you about new CDC coming out by certain artists. Some radio station may let you call in to request a song to play as well. The radio can relate to society to open up your taste for other music or new artists in certain genres. It’s a good way for people to get into music that don’t like to read magazines or watch TV.

In this paragraph I will talk about music festivals with today’s society. There are many types and names of music festivals that are famous and well-knows or that happen in today’s society. Music festivals have stayed the same in numerous ways by having large crowds, a lot of different bands, bringing people together to listen to music and have fun. It can relate with society because it can bring all different styles f music and races together and have fun and listen to music that they enjoy listening to.

Some of the more well-known music festivals are Woodstock, Softest, Vans Warped Tour, Allophone, Raves, and Debuted festivals. Woodstock took a bigger role in 1969 when the first festival was but they still do a Woodstock concert every 10 years, and had a 42nd celebration in 2011. Its main purpose was for 3 days of peace and love. It had a number of different bands that are still popular in today’s society still, people who attended of different beliefs, there were also drugs and alcohol there, and most of the people that had gone to the concert were hippies Just 1996.

It plays the Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal genres music. Its can play a role on society to bring people who like and love the Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal music genres together for fun. The Vans Warped Tour is one of the bigger music festivals that travels around the United States annually since 1995. The festival can consist of number of bands in the Rock genres group but mainly play Punk Rock, Hardcore type of music one in a while they will have a Hip-Hop, Rap, or Reggae artist there as well, ND the festival also consists of extreme sports as well.

Vans Warped Tour can produce as many as ass’s of bands or artists per show with multiple stages where a band would play a few songs and then rotate the bands out on the stage. There are two main stages where the bigger and more popular bands will play. You can also purchase a CD at almost any retail store for each year of the festival; it consists of 2 CDC per case with about 50 artists total, and will contain some of the more popular bands and songs from that year’s tour on the CD.

It can play a role with society to ring people together who like the Rock music genre and meet new people or good time with friends viewing number of band in an open area, and seeing some professional skaters and bikers doing tricks. Allophone is an annual tour that travels around the United States since 1991 with a few off years. The festival can consist of music genres from Hip-Hop to Metal bands; they sometimes have a comedian there for shows as well. Allophone has helped a number of bands expose and popularize them.

Its purpose is like any other music festival to have a DOD time and listen to music. There are number of different kinds of Raves. Raves plays an electronic type of music some people call it Techno. Raves will usually give out drugs when you get there, such as marijuana, MADAM, LSI, cocaine and astatine. This Just makes it more fun with the type of music and flashing lights all over. It can play a role with the society the people who show up could abuse the use of the drugs that they get and may get an overdose.

Debuted is another form of electronic music that can be confused with Techno. Debuted festivals are a little bit like raves but they are usually outside rather than inside like a rave. The music is somewhat similar but people who know each of the genre a lot can tell the difference easily. Reese festivals also give out drugs when you get there. It can play a role on society Ninth people abuse the use as well. So even from Woodstock to today’s society people still like and go to music festivals to have fun listen to music, meet new people, and even get drugs.

There are many types of magazines in the society today. Magazines are pretty much the same and will usually give the same information such as; the inside scoop on the hot topics which will correspond on what magazine you are reading. Music magazines can be divided up into certain genres or all types of music genres. They can give information about what CDC are coming out and new songs or the top song listings for the certain genre or the “Top 100 Billboard” for song listings then can also show clothing that artists produce or styles that certain artists will wear.

It can relate Ninth society in many ways such as; for people who don’t have time to watch TV or who don’t like to watch to TV. Maybe they do like to watch TV but they also like to read and want to get an inside scoop with some artists and learn more about the style of USIA genre. Clothing appearance seeing how your favorite artist dresses and can still able to keep up to date with the new songs that are out and CDC coming out Introit watching TV.

Some well-known music magazines are; Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press, Vibe, and XSL. There are music magazines that correspond with all type of genres and some that will correspond with certain type of genres. So it really doesn’t matter what music magazine you are reading because it Nail usually give you the same type of information but there are Just certain styles of USIA magazines for certain styles of music genres or ones that talk about all styles of music genre.

In conclusion there are many ways that music can relate to society. People in the society can relate to the change that music has made, Hip-Hop genre the most. Over time certain genres have become popular after certain events. Music has changed in many ways for many reasons in which many people may not know. There are some things in the society of music that have stayed the same as well. Artists are forgetting the core of music and how it started and it Just keeps growing because they keep imitating the current artists.