Singing and Singer Selection. Tim BY Contextual Tim: Julia, I find you sang this song very beautiful Just now. If you go along the road of music, I believe you will be a singer in future. Julia: you know what, actually to be a famous pop singer has been always a secret dream for me since I was only a little girl. However, when I grew up, I am slowly afraid of trying to realize it and starting to get the first step. Tim: . 1 believe that everyone in the world has his or her own dreams. You can pursuit your dream to became a music star. I believe you can do it!

Julia: Well, I think there are so many younger who are really good at singing recently, and more and more people are having a dream to be a super star. I don’t have the confidence to become the outstanding one In such a competitive society which has a strict standards for singer selection. Tim: May be someone has told you cannot be a musician,But I want to tell you that you don’t need to accept limitations that others put on you. Just like the famous film The Pursuit of Happiness tells us ,You have a dream, you got to protect It. People can’t do something by themselves Julia: k, maybe you are right.

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But you know entertainment circle are relatively complicated . The unfair and dark phenomena are always existed. Sometimes you had to face the fact that the ability has not been the key factor to be success to do this kind of Job. Tim: hum… Although there exits some unfairness, there are also many super stars who gets their success through hard work and faith. Just like the famous proper star Jay Chou, you know, he is also a nominal person and has no advantages In this music circle at first, but as we all know he is now so famous by his had work, so I thinking should e confidence to yourself.

Julia: But In my Impression, singer stars often own little private time left to themselves. Their life are full of work plans so that they are forced to do a lot of things they don’t really want to do. They fly to place and place around the world to hold the concerts, make the albums and attend activities nearly for the whole years. Those bring them too heavy stress that I got fear to take it. Tim: Yes! You’re rightly In time, a singer is always not free and he/she often should faces with various pressures. But, in my opinion, if you can deal with the relationship teen work and life well, you will become easier.

In addition, the pays and regards are balanced. Julia: your words are so convincing and I had to admit that I’d Like to have a try rim:my dream is having a coffee shop in my own. With the songs of great,the beautiful design and the smells of coffee ,everybody can enjoy the peace of life. I:That’s cool. So you should know all kinds of coffee well then do lots of research. Right r: Yeah,I have to save enough money at first. Therefore,I should work hard to make money and learn the knowledge of management from now on. I:fighting r:give me five.