Vicki Street and his life went down the drain. He went for a surf and court a massive wave and stacked it and got hit in the nuts. Stars; Pages; 16-32 Locke finds a Began (Egg) friend that is into heavy metal music and can’t swim. His mum is a Fabricator and his dad is a priest. He works at the local church. Egg has two toes’ the are stuck together. Stars; 3 pages; 32-48 Locke and egg are trying to save the harbor so they go to John East to see if he can help save the harbor.

John East is the mayor of the town. They get records of the stuff about the harbor. They found two main places that were dumping there waste in the harbor. There were Fertilize factory and woolies. Stars; 3 Pages; 48-64 Locke and Egg try to save the lake by handing out papers about the harbor and asking people to come to a partition. And saying it was one of Australia’s nicest harbors. When it comes time to go to the meeting no one shows up. Stars; 4 pages; 64-86 A new surfer comes to town and Locke is impressed by her surfing.

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Locke tries to thatch a wave and gets made. The surfer girl comes to see if he’s alright. Locke falls in love with the mystery girl. Locke falls in love with dot and all he thinks about is Dot. Dot is in primary school and she’s 1 1 and 3 quarters. Serge (Locale’s Dad) tries to talk to Locke about puberty. Stars; 3 pages; 86-96 It’s Christmas in the Leonard family and Locke didn’t get his family anything. Locke asks dot out and she says “yes” and they seal it with a kiss. Dot is John east daughter. Locale’s friend Egg, his dad gets fried from his Job.

Egg’s parents are fighting because of him getting fired. Locke takes egg down the beach but egg can’t pages; 96-112 Locke takes egg down the beach and gets his famous crushproof swimming machine. It’s an old washing machine. Locke gets yelled at by his mum for going to the beach at o’clock in the morning. Locke meets his ex-girlfriend with egg as they were Nailing down the street. Locke cracks a sad. Why? Stars; 4 pages; 112-128 Locke cracks a sad. Locale’s relationships with dot is over he gets dumped by dot an 1 yr old primary school girl.

Egg walks Vicki home because there going out. Locke and Egg go to there protest but eggs family are thinking of moving and splitting up so egg has to go and pack his stuff. Stars; 3 pages; 128-150 ere protesters that were in on cleaning up the harbor Just left the project. John East has a talk with Locke about dot. While the meeting is on Locke sneaks out and goes to eggs house and Jumps through the window and takes out the curtains. Locke gets a crazy idea. Stars; 3 pages; 150-162

Locale’s crazy idea is that eggs mum seals the factory waste dumps pipes. To get there they have to build kayaks. Eggs mum is on it!. Locke was meant to go with eggs dad in the kayaks but instead he goes with Vicki Street. Mrs. Gleeson welds the concrete pipe shut. Dot sends a letter to Locke saying how sorry she was. Locke is lying in bed in the morning and depressed, so Locale’s family runs into Locale’s room, grabs his bed, hooks it up to the back of the car and takes him down the beach with his wet suit and board beside him.