Many people like the music but his tastes are varied. There are different types of music have much in common yet are very different. Metal music’s songwriting Is based within a form the central melody decides the structure of the song. It Is also known as ‘information music’. On the other hand, Hip-Hop music can be used In deferent intensities to emote feelings of anger, pride and others. These are the similarities of the two kinds of music.

First of all, they were both popular until the late ASS. Second, similar instruments which can be used for both kinds of music are guitar, bass guitar, drum machine and vocal. Another, they both always use singing. And the last one they have same audience, young people always Like listening to HIP- Hop or Metal. I found great differences between Metal and Hip-Hop music. Metal music Is originated In late 1 sass In united Kingdom and The United State. It Is originated of Blues Rock. This kind has bands with some musicians.

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For example, one of the first bands of this genre was Led Zeppelin’s Band. They always use instrumental with loud distorted guitars. They also use band’s characteristics instruments. To illustrate, these bands use electric guitar and keyboard. By the same token, Hip-Hop music was created in ass’s in The Bronx, New York. It is from Disco music, Rhythm, Reggae and Danceable. One example of this musician is DC Cool Here, generally recognized as the father of hip hop. These singers used urban style rhythm.

But this singer Just singing or improvising. They use more than instrument than metal band. For example, Hip-Hop musician use synthesizer. Rapping, sampler, piano and obtaining. This instruments and voice are stylizes and is the result Hip-Hop. In Conclusion, in spite of different people perception of music, it is enjoying for everybody. Each type of music with its unique objective is delighting. As Metal, as Hip-Hop, as another one, different but similar at the end, have the most important target, people taking pleasure in them.