Meyer Rock music of today has turned to sit because of Mats TRY, the billboards, and Brittany Spear’s record sales have something to do with the size of her breasts. Rock music from the ass’s through today will be remembered for years, but it lacks the true timelessness of classical music. Classical music has beautiful harmonies that be appreciated for thousands of years. Modern rock is a shallow reflection of the time, showing lack of development due to sell out bands making music for money and not o make music.

Classical also has the advantage of being highly structured music. Having a distinct structure and showing development from beginning to end helps make a song timeless. Also the depth and complexity of writing for tens or even hundreds of Instruments will make classical music appreciated by people for endless expanse time. The harmonies In classical orchestral music are Impossible to reproduce with a small band of rock Instruments. Modern rock has harmonies Just as all music does but the harmony between the lead guitar, bass guitar and the keyboard is no where near hat can be produced with an entire orchestra.

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Listen to Beethoven’s famous “Fifth” to hear the distortion that a solo of violins produces and what that can do for the sound. Then listen to something like Green Day or Corn. There is still distortion with the string instruments but with only two or three guitars in a modern rock band the depth of the sound is lost. Classical music Is typically very structured and organized. Mozart wrote all of his music with a very distinct Introduction, body, and conclusion. Listen to the introduction of his Requiem Mass and the distinct conclusion of “Ellen Klein Enactments. Mozart music generally obeys the strictest rules of the time signature and the key. Then listen to the differences and general lack of structure In anything Bob Dylan wrote. Punk rock and hardcore death metal is even farther from strictly obeying the time signature. Pick up Pink Flood’s “The Wall”, Tool’s “Laterals”, and Nine Inch Nails’ “The Fragile” and to how the beginning and ending of each song is ambiguous. They flow together so that the point at which one song ends and the next begins is only known by the CD player’s time and track display.

Modern rock is generally written for about four or five instruments and a lead voice that is consistent in every song. With an entire orchestra of instruments each section or even each Instrument can operate equally with all of the others. Solos and soles add even more to the depth and complexity. Rock music does have Its solos but not as often and usually It’s only for a short time In a song. Right after the solo the Instruments return to their normal rank of lead guitar, keyboard, bass, then drums. O Rosin’s “William Tell Future” and how every instrument plays as the lead instrument at different points. Classical orchestral music and modern rock music have fundamental differences that obviously separate the styles but because modern rock lacks the beautiful harmonics, structure, and complexity it cannot be as timeless as Mozart can. Both types of music hold a certain value and although classical music sales are a small percentage compared to rock music, Beethoven will be listened to Just as much in 400 years as it IS today. The same cannot be said for even the Battles, Pink Floyd, or Metallic.