Instead of watching drunk girls take off their tight, ripped shirts and loud boys drink cheap beer, I had a music revelation and experienced an extremely, and very much not-anticipated, culture shock. The 924 Gillian SST. Venue was not as big and ostentatious as I expected. Instead of thousands of people in the crowd, there were only about 30 people. And some of the people were even peers from my class! Furthermore, there was no graffiti on the outside of the building, even though the place did have a private underground scenery. The people inside, on the other hand, were covered In tattoos.

At the moment, I felt insecure and that I did not fit In. Was it a mistake to come? Moreover, Instead of listening to 25 acts, there were only a mere SIX. I know these details might seem Inconsequential, but It affected my experience. In fact, the only stereotypical things that occurred were the following: loud music, head rocking, and fist pumping. The first act,”lento the Pit Metal Night Star,” and their second to last song titled “Metal” had a nice head-bobbing rhythm that didn’t make me want to take ethylene afterwards. The mood was remarkably mellow for the active goers of heavy metal music.

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For me, it was exciting and quite entertaining, even though I wished that they would lower the volume. Around the end of the concert, I spoke to the bassist in “Zombie Death Stench” and he told me that Heavy Metal is the type of music that is supposed to allow people’s anger and aggression be known. Also, those who play in bands and listen to punk rock are Just regular people who have a nine to five Job Just like most people. But after a stressful day, they like to crank up the metal music and let go of all the sit they built up and let It release with the flow of song and love for USIA.

The song I enjoyed the least was the first song. I was pushed around and It took me several minutes before I regained my balance. “March of the Dead” sung by Zombie death stench would have to be the worst song I listened to. I wish someone would have told me I would be pushed if I stood in the front. I had never been a fan of rock music, however I left the concert excited and wishing that there were more performances. By the 5th act, I was that stereotypical fanning. I was fist pumping and yelling at the top of my lungs. I even met a new friend, a girl, like me, who had fell in eve with the music and the whole rock scene.