That not all hero wear capes. That even though they scream, have tattoos and piercing, they can sully save lives with their music. The people who think people with tattoos, piercing and listen to heavy metal music are bad people need to watch Suicide Silence Toys for Kids Christmas 2011. Mitchell Adam Luckier was a handsome man at the age of 28, brown golden hair and a smile that could make girls swoon. He was born In Riverside, CA on October 20th 1984. He was born with anxiety and as a child the only way he could release his motions was through screaming.

He had tattoos from his neck to his waist line. Most people would hate him for having an outrageous amount of tattoos, but I think it fits his body perfectly. He has light hazel eyes and the voice of an angel. First you see him screaming his lungs out In one of his songs looking all hardcore and then you will see him in the kitchen baking for his little angel. He started his band Suicide Silence In 2002. Mitch Luckier was the front man for Suicide Silence. The band sold the shirt Mitch wore in the You Only Live Once video and spent all of the money on toys for less ordinate kids.

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Mitch was married to Joule Luckier and had a cute little adorable 5 years old daughter named Kankakee Luckier. He also had a dog named Parker. HIS first Job was working In a tattoo shop, where he got his flirts tattoo. I myself never knew him that much, but I knew him well, from his lyrics. Mitch believed that everyone should live life to the fullest before they die. Listening to Wake Up, You Only Live Once and No Time To Bleed, throughout the years has been a boost to me to Just live life without worrying about anything. According to Match’s wife Joliet, Mitch was becoming an alcoholic.

After taking his daughter for trick or treats, he was driving his brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle on October 31st 2012 at night when it lost control and hit a light pole around pm. The hit threw him from the bike and the motorcycle kept sliding down the street until it ran into a pickup truck. Mitch was rushed to the GUCCI where he spent 8 hours in surgery. Sadly the next morning, November 1st 2012 at around 6:AMA, Mitch died at the age of 28 in Huntington Beach, CA. Two hours before the crash, he posted a picture on

Mainstream and the caption was “The dead are living”. My heart dropped when Kankakee said “I’m not going to see daddy anymore, he’s in Heaven”. Kids only look to his image, rather than listening to what he had to say. He was a talented songwriter, metal community, because it has Just lost one of its most talented stars. Forgive me for always bringing up his name in certain issue, I Just brought his name up because he was one of my favorite lyricists. My beloved Mitchell Adam Luckier. A great father, great man. May you finally find some peace, Mitch. We still miss you.