Review of Black Sound, Black Body: Jim Hendrix, the Electric Guitar, and the Meanings of Blackness rearranging . Discuss the issue/topic of race in Western Culture during our courses era, and secondly, comment as to how it pertains to the career of Jim Hendrix. Your discussion could include a brief review of Steve Washman’s article “Black Sound, Black Body: Jim Hendrix, the Electric Guitar, and the Meanings of Blackness,” haltingly the author’s main points and conclusions.

Black repression was still very much alive during Jell Hendrix time. Black artists Newer thought only to appeal to a black crowd, which created tours Like the Chill Occult, and successful white musicians making money of a black man’s song, as was the case with Pat Bone’s cover of Tuttle Fruitful. However, It was during this time that many Americans began to see through the barriers separating the races. As Steve Washman highlights in his article “Black Sound, Black Body: Jim Hendrix, the Electric

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Guitar, and the Meanings of Blackness,” much of what was unifying America was this idea that beyond our skin, we are really one and the same. Steve points out that Jim is able to “cross over both race and gender lines in his appeal. ” Many Great Britain musicians who were being introduced to the blues scene through the music of Hendrix actually considered him a role model for their own attempts to “transgress racial boundaries. However, Jim found that he was still stuck in this black territory, and as hard as he tried he could not truly shake this. Washman suggests that large reason for Ism’s decision to own his own studio was so that he could become “invisible,” removing himself from the demands of the stereotyping-public to a place of pure music, with nothing else attached. He yearned for a desire to be ;heard, not seen; listened to, not watched,” however the boundaries between blacks and whites were forever separating people from one another.