Choosing between two Important music genres Today exist In music much variety of musical genres, all different, with different artists, songs and rhythms. Precisely the Reagent and Rock are two of the genres with more booms in the world. While others say this whole controversy that has had the reagent in these last days. Which of the two genres will be most appropriate for our youth and sons? Rock or reagent?

It’s a broad question and responses, as there are many songs with different messages that lead to the population in general, UT especially to the youth who are most in need of positive pulses and music that magnify inside as people. Reagent and rock were born at different times and historical contexts and not others also compare and contrast them to find their similarities and differences. The rock is an ancient genre, has more significance that reagent, takes longer on the market and Is much better known and diverse the genre of reagent.

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Often older people can enjoy more the rock than the reagent. However young people are Identified more with reagent. Genres have many introversion, many people are grouped according to their musical preference, and some groups are rockers and other “regenerators”. The rock is a musical genre of the twentieth century and contemporary times which are born each derived musical genres of rock and roll. Usually interpreted, among many other instruments normally added, with guitar, drums, bass and sometimes keyboard instruments such as organ, piano, or synthesizers.

Rock developed various submerges, such as soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal and punk. The rock submerges of the ass’s include new wave, new romantic, glam rock, synch-rock, hardcore punk, alternative rock, Christian rock. Christian metal, thrash metal and speed metal. The rock submerges ass’s Include grunge style rock, Britton, Indies rock, piano rock. Reagent begins to spread In the early 1 sass with songs In Spanish rap underground scene, like “I’m from the streets” of Vic C.

The Liking for rap paid off to hits Like “School” by Ruben DC. The fusion of reggae rhythm with the Spanish rap led to a merger that has evolved into what we now know as reagent. Among the first songs of the merger gaslights “l get up on Sunday” of Wise G, which was flanked with exponents as Big Boy and own productions viable Vic C. The genre began coining the term underground in Puerco Rice, and that because it was a genre known, was clandestinely distributed among youth.

Gender in early exponents featured is very popular today such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Wising Y Handel. The reagent genre went from underground, to be one of the main genres popular in Latin America. It continued to disseminate the rhythm, especially among young people, who came to permeate rhythmic way the rest of Latin America and the United States, which has given unexpected position for a genre that In 2000 It was considered dim. From that year entered Its heyday, knowing the style In many countries.

The typical themes of the lyrics often speak of social criticism, reflection, love stories, brief abounding festive typeface especially those that allude to sex, which brought a lot of controversy. To conclude, these two genres have many differences and many similarities that can compare and contrast, many people identify with one equally Ninth the other, but we must take into consideration what would be the healthier for our youth and our children, which of the two genres as a person can magnify more people, which has more meaning in our lives, which we can identify more.

The rock Nas born a long time and a very different historical context of reagent. Before the Nor was healthier and people had less malice now, so the reagent until once regarded as very offensive and denigrating to women for many people and immoral explicit content of their songs, while that rock to have multiple subtypes is considered most appropriate for the general population. In fact two very different genres and both have impacted the world in different ways.