Music For Outsider People For as long as it has existed heavy metal has consistently been stereotyped, dismissed and condemned. Everything from the lyrics, the imagery, and the guttural vocals has been badgered by everyone who does not believe heavy metal is not a form of music. I am here to set the record straight. If people were to take the time and analyze what Is In the music, heavy metal Is not as demonic and malicious as It Is made out to be.

Growing up I was always told to stay from metal music because it was deemed as devil’s music and for a long time I believed it. Fast forward to today where I cannot imagine my life without heavy metal music. I will admit the first time I listened to metal was a scary experience. The music was something I have never heard before and all the preconceived notions believed were true. However, Instead dismissing the music as satanic I decided to look into it and see what this noise truly was. What I found was, the lyrics were the most intricate use of words I have ever heard, incredible musicianship, and thousands upon millions of loyal fans.

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Metal has always been there to help through all the frustrations and angst I have built up and it has never disappointed me. I am forever a metal head. I will continue to head bang until I dislocate my neck while flashing the devil horns. And I will continue to defend metal until the day I die. Many problems people have with metal music is the actual music itself. Why are they screaming? Why do they have to be heavy? Anyone can play this noise. When anyone asks why do these people have to scream, I respond by saying, “Why artists eave to sing or rap? Screaming is Just another way for artist to vocalizes their lyrics, just In a more aggressive tone. Not everyone can play this genre. While the music may sound Like machine guns going off, there Is actually a lot of musicianship most people are oblivious to. Many metal guitarists and bassists learned their respected instruments from listening to renowned blues, jazz and classical composers in order to refine their skills. These skills are made apparent because of the technical aspect of the music. Metal has brought some the best and world renowned bands much as Metallic, Judas Priest, Oozy Osborne, Iron Maiden and much more.

Another problem people have with metal Is the lyrics. The problem Is either the lyrics are to vulgar and profane or the lyrics cannot be understood because of the way the lyrics are presented. Again if people who are badgering heavy metal would take the time and look into the music, the lyrics are not as provocative as it made out to be. Heavy metal talks about subjects other genres Just do not talk about. Subjects like suicide, hopelessness, religion, and isolation are Just a few examples. One of my favorite redecorate bands Pierce The Veil talks about the subject of suicide from their song titled Tangled In the Great Escape.

There are many great lines from this song, but Oh, I became the train as you backed up on the ropes to arm yourself and lie and so I scream, mayday I’m trouble send somebody on the double…. ” Yes the song is about someone on the verge of suicide, but the point I am trying to make is the lyrics are not vulgar and profane as everyone makes it out to be. In fact these lyrics can be considered articulate, emotional and poetic. For the most part heavy metal is not demonic or the music of Satan, but there are mom metal bands who are true Satanists and blatantly attack anything of religion especially of the Christian faith.

Besides the worshipers of the devil, heavy metal also has very adverse, psychological effects on adolescent minds. There is a sub-genre in metal called “black metal. ” This sub-genre is where most of the bands are true Satanists. Most of these black metal bands are located in Norway. In Norway these black metal artists are notorious for the burning of several old and sacred churches for the purpose of Satanism. Black metal is also known for wearing what is called corpse paint during live shows. The purpose corpse paint was to look like an actual corpse.

The affiliation with black metal and corpses go hand in hand. Some bands Mould go as far as slitting their own arm and smearing the blood all over their face during live shows to give the impression of a corpse. The band who started all of the shocking acts were known as Mayhem. They were the first ones to wear corpse paint. They instigated the act of burning churches in the name of Satan. The psychological effects of metal, particularly on teenagers, are they are more vulnerable to committing suicide or find no reason to live. Many bands have come under fire because of “explicit” content within their own songs.

Bands like Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, and Slipknot are Just a few of the bands who caused controversy because of their music. A good example of the metal genre being used as a scapegoat for criminal intentions is the Columbine shooting. “hen word got out the two murders were fans of notorious shock rocker Marilyn Manson, every single news organization, politician and angry parent put the blame on “Antichrist’s Superstar. ” Manson himself even said in an interview, “l can definitely e why they would pick me because I think it’s easy to throw my face on a T. V. Cause in the end I am the poster boy for fear… ” Many metal artists had to defend Nat their music was all about and what it stands for. Twisted Sister’s singer Dee Snider says, “Anytime the media has found out someone listens to heavy metal music has been blown up as reason why a person does what they have done. ” The godfather of shock rock Alice Cooper has once been banned in London because there is “blood in the show. ” Alice responds to this statement by saying, “There is more loot in Macbeth than there is my show and it’s a required reading in school… Corey Taylor, front man of Grammar award winning metal band Slipknot, responds to the accusations about his band by saying, “Violence has been around a lot longer than we have. Unfortunately the ignorance of republican, puritanical thinking is they see a moms pit and it’s violent… ” Heavy metal is Just harmless entertainment. For the people who say metal is the Noirs form of music and should be censored are taking themselves and the music Nay too seriously. Heavy metal is not for everyone. It is an acquired taste.

It is either [oh are into heavy metal music or you are not. For the people who say metal is full of metal is outsider music for outsider people. Heavy metal is for people who need a support system. No one listens to heavy metal in order to feel helpless. People listen to metal to feel empowered and to feel connected. People feel empowered even if the song is about suicide. Heavy metal is more than Just music, it is a brotherhood. It is a brotherhood of outsiders. It is something only metal heads can understand. It is something I am proud to be a part of.