Five major music inventions in the last 100 [ears– the phonograph, radio, home recording, the walkway, and digital music have in turn affected the musicians, the society, and the personal experience of how one listens to music. The digital age If any one event changed the way we listen to music it is the digital age. Digital music allowed people to send copies of songs across the world with a click of a button. You no longer had to know the person who was sharing their music with you, nor did it take any physical act besides clicking buttons. The music listening experience had Changed once again.

Now music was as most kids said it should be, mobile, unlimited, and most important, free. Anapest. Anapest, the most famous music swapping venue, was a revolution in music. Spencer E. Ante wrote about Anapest in a Business Week article before the company was forced to shut down. “The company’s bold new way of distributing music by enabling individuals to share each other’s personal music collections pioneered the creation of much bigger idea: So-called peer-to-peer computing, a way of sharing information by hooking up the contents of an individual’s computer into a global information

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Index that others can use,” Ante said (3). The way we listen to music has surly Changed in the last one hundred years as we have seen. However, maybe we are not as isolated as it may appear on first blush. Yes, we can isolate ourselves with our I- pods as we walk down the street, but at the same time, we are connected to the Manhole world with our computers. The important thing to always remember is that music is and should always be a shared experience for people, a connection, and a real, tangible thing. Let us hope that the future does not take that from the world. Balls) 3. 2 Literature Review 3. 2.

Problem Domain Developing an online management system for a Music store primarily helps the musician, event organizers, and fans as a whole since their every demand can be fulfilled by a single system. For instance, uploading every detail about a Band can help to promote them while this system turns out to be the perfect spot for them as every fine details of the Band is uploaded. Moreover, fans are directly benefited by this system as well. They can explore new bands, read about them, follow their concerts, listen to the song, or even purchase album online or purchase their favorite artist’s merchandise.

So, in order to meet all those requirements, a new system can be developed. 3. 2. 2 Similar System 3. 2. 2. 1 Metal-archives Encyclopedia Metallic: The Metal Archives is a website which lists bands from ‘arioso forms of heavy metal music. It was described as “the Internet’s central database for all that is ‘true’ in the metal world by Matt Sullivan of Nashville Scene. Terrorized described the site as “a fully-exhaustive list of pretty much every metal band ever, with full discographies, an active forum and an interlinking members list that shows the ever-incestuous beauty of the metal scene”.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions for bands which fall under disputed genres not accepted by the website. Encyclopedia Metallic attempts to provide comprehensive information on each band, such as a discography, logos, pictures, lyrics, line-ups, biography, trivia and archives. The website is free of advertisements and is run completely independently. The Encyclopedia Metallic was founded in July 2002 by two Canadians from Montreal using the pseudonyms Hellbender and Morgan. (Metallic, 2013) ; Homepage of www. Metal-archives. Com Figure [1 Figure [2 Display of information off Band (Discography)